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Life in 2016 Detroit, an 83 % Black City: Black Activist Group Confirms Every Negative Stereotype of Black People is True

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As the civilization white people built – then abandoned when black crime made living in the city intolerable – crumbles courtesy of the new racial demographic in control of the city (blacks), a most revealing “code” has been issued to hopefully influence proper behavior in 83 percent black Detroit.  [New Era Detroit community activist group releases ‘Street Code’, Fox 2 Detroit, April 21, 2016]:

The community activist group New Era Detroit has released a Street Code that has many people talking.

Among 10 item list includes no drive-bys, adding that the shootings endanger the babies and children being killed and that all rapists and child molesters in the community must be turned in.

Also included is no shooting at concerts or parties which are neutral territories, respecting the elders, respect for people in general.

The list also promotes dealing directly with your enemy and nobody else, “no slinging to the children or pregnant women” and urges to not shoot any victims of a robbery.

The list is meant to “Enforce and Honor the Street Code, make our streets honorable, respected and true to the game.”  For more information about New Era Detroit and their programs and events, CLICK HERE.

The complete list: cont

Dallas Texas had a similar thing. The "coalition" is being announced by older former gang members (35+), prior criminals, and the like. Dallas Texas was said to be 83% also non white. Strange how the cities don't exactly look similar (Detroit/Dallas Tx). There are similar problems however as the release was about the same time as the above was. I didn't post it because I was like, duh lol. Anyhow, the solution was to give them stuff to lower testosterone till they get to age 35, where they would naturally "be chilled out" by that time. 

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