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The Founder Of Hillary Clinton's Coven

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Gary Aldrich, former FBI Agent assigned to the Bush White House as the FBI Liaison, was retained in that position by the Clinton White House.  This practice of having an FBI Agent keeping an office within the White House complex, was a tradition dating back six presidents, to Lyndon Johnson.  The purpose of this FBI White House office was to maintain a "comprehensive and effective security system ... to protect national security, the president, the taxpayer, and the White House itself". ["Unlimited Access", by Gary Aldrich, p. 5-6]  The FBI traditionally assigned one of its very best and finest to occupy this position.  FBI agents are trained investigators, able to not only solve complex and difficult criminal cases, but to be able to testify in a court of law about the findings of their investigations.  Agents such as Aldrich are thoroughly trained observers of all that is occurring before their eyes, as well as to pick up tiny fragments of evidence in a crime scene. Therefore, when an FBI agent observes something, he does so in a way that will stand up in a court of law.

Agent Aldrich observed much in the course of the nearly 3 years he spent at the Clinton White House [1993-1995] that led him to a sobering conclusion:  "... the Clinton Administration was a corrupt disaster, beyond redemption or repair". [p. 154]  What Agent Aldrich was referring to as "corrupt" were the deliberate attempts to block standard FBI background checks on White House staffers, to the blatant drug use by staffers, to the deliberate policy of allowing people without high security clearances to read Top Secret [and above] material, and to the deliberate lapses of National Security policy at the highest level, actions that Aldrich feared could lead to an attack on the United States by either Russia or China.

However, Aldrich unwittingly gave us information, based upon his personal observances of behavior by Bill and Hillary Clinton that absolutely identifies them as the powerful, practicing Illuminist witches we have always said they were.  Of course, since Aldrich was not trained in Black Magick Occult, he did not realize that these observations were so damning.  Aldrich did not realize he had just opened the door to confirming Doc Marquis'[Former Illuminist Witch] assertion that Bill and Hillary were powerful practicing witches, and that Hillary was the most powerful. 



In Christmas, 1993, and again in 1994, the First Lady directed the decoration of the Christmas Tree in the Blue Room, in accordance with a long-standing White House tradition.  Aldrich noted that this Tradition had become so pronounced that the tree which the First Lady set up became a reflection of who she was. We want to allow Aldrich the opportunity to speak for himself.  "If the ornament is especially well-made, there is a good chance it will be selected for the tree in the Blue Room, the first lady's tree.  The first lady's tree is the 'Mother of All Trees', and the one that's supposed to capture the 'message' of the first lady herself." [p. 100]  In other words, this tree was supposed to capture the essence of the soul of the First Lady, and for the things important to her.

Therefore, Aldrich was terribly shocked when he participated in the unpacking of the ornaments which were to go on the First Lady's Christmas tree.  Aldrich described these ornaments as "pornographic"; however, we immediately recognized them as being standard occultic symbols, and Black Magick symbols at that! 


1)  "Fertility god, made of carved dark wood, and put together so they look like stick figures."

2) "Twelve Lords a-leaping. The ornament consisted of tiny clay male figurines. Each was naked and had a large erection." 

3)  "Two Turtle Doves, but they didn't have shells this time -- they were joined together in an act of bird fornication."

4)  "Five Golden rings -- sex toys known as 'cock rings'

5) "Another mystery ornament was the gingerbread man. There were five small, gold rings: one in his ear, one in his nose, one through his nipple, one through his belly button, and of course, the ever-popular cock ring."

6) "Here was another five golden rings ornament -- five gold-wrapped condoms"

7)  "There were other condom ornaments, some still in the wrapper, some not. Two sets had been 'blown' into balloons and tied to small trees."

8)  On top of the tree, there was a large stainless-steel ball pierced by colored shafts.

9)   "Crack pipes hung on a string."

10) "Three French hens were French-kissing in a menage a trois."

11)  "So many of the ornaments didn't celebrate Christmas as much as they celebrated sex, drugs, and rock and roll."

12) " 'Have you seen Bertha?'(lillith)

13) "Some ornaments were constructed out of various drug paraphernalia, like syringes, heroin spoons, or roach clips ... used to hold marijuana joints."

Please check out the link for mind more blowing info... http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1224.cfm

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Larry Nichols is a former Green Beret and a longtime associate of Bill Clinton. The two men first met in the late 1970s when Bill was an up-and-coming politician. When Bill was Arkansas governor, Nichols was the marketing director of the Arkansas Development Finance Authority, an Arkansas state agency that was one of the entities investigated by the Senate Whitewater Committee.

On the Pete Santilli radio show of September 24, 2013, Nichols admitted that he had killed people as the Clintons’ hit man or murderer-for-hire.


“Back when Hillary was first lady, she would go home on the weekends to California with Linda Bloodworth-Thomason and some of the [inaudible] women, and they went to a church for witches. Witches,witches, witches…. You know that lady that was tryin’ to run for the Senate and sometimes she’d gone to some place where they did witch stuff? Hillary went to a church and worshiped Satan.

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