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Judge offers to pay teenager's court fine, refuses to jail her for stabbing paedophile

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 Brio    1,038

A judge offered to pay a teenage girl's court fine as he refused to jail her for stabbing the paedophile who abused her as a child.

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC told the 15-year-old it would be a 'disgrace' to send her to prison, despite the fact she had attacked the man, 56, in his own home, stabbing him close to his heart.

And he refused to impose a mandatory victim surcharge on the girl when she appeared at Bradford Crown Court, after hearing that the paedophile had destroyed her life, adding: 'If anyone tries to force you, I will pay it myself.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3547514/Judge-offers-pay-teenager-s-court-fine-refuses-jail-stabbing-paedophile-abused-child.html#ixzz46NGYZM5w


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Is this poetic justice or normally this would be considered murder one even given the circumstances?  But it would be quite a deal for a 15 year old to pull something off like that, but then again, the killers get younger and younger these days.  Considering the age difference there might be a plea. 

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 rbear    240


Miss Gilmore said the girl had been 'entirely destroyed' when her abuser was not jailed for sexually assaulting her and inciting her to engage in sexual activity.

She had to give evidence at his trial because he denied the offences, and after the case became paranoid he was 'going to get her.'

The girl was later excluded from school for poor behaviour. She feared she would never get a husband and she lived her life in a bad dream, the court heard...

'This deeply troubled and damaged child, bedevilled by low self esteem, is crying out for help.'"

Ok not sure what to think. Not enough info in article. Was it a one time 15 minute thing, a week long thing, a year thing, etc? How long did she engage in sexual behavior at age 8? Also I am not entirely sure that at age 8, your life can be completely destroyed. The girl was 14 or so when she stabbed him, which was 6 years later. 

Did everyone know in school or whatever what she did? Does or did she not have any friends? Why does she fear she would never get a husband and live her life in a bad dream?

I can say that my life has been completely destroyed and it took well the first time, up until now for it to be "kind of fixed". The second time my life was destroyed by another person after the age of 18 (although they worked on it since I was age 15, up until I was 21 which seriously took 10-11 years to recover after this.  

Now how long did it take to destroy my life the first time? Well roughly 10 years before I figured out that its not me that has the problem, its them. I learned to not let them affect me in any way anymore.

The second time, The person claimed how they been hurt/etc, only to do everything that they proclaimed they would never do. In other words, pretty much everything they ever said to me was a lie. Not sure how to put this but it started in school, then after. That person never did anything they said they would and instead was a liar, cheater, heart breaker  whore, shallow person, and a terrible friend. They completely destroyed me over time. They started when I was age 15, then by 21 completely destroyed me. Basically they gutted me so bad, there was absolutely nothing left. I only recovered, can't say fully, but almost, this year. 

So the question remains, was it a one time thing when she was 8, or ongoing? My perpetrators never have faced any justice, nor ever changed. I do know how it feels to be completely devastated since I was abused my whole life.

Now on to a new chapter, I hope and pray that I remain full again. May this person recover as well. 


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 rbear    240


Sweden: Girl Raped by Somali When She was 12 Being Beaten and Harassed by His Family, Cops do Nothing

The little girl posted this picture of her face after an attack by the family members of the Somalian who raped her when she was 12.


I am fully fed-up – to the point of berseker rage – with these pieces of shit who are supporting the invasion of Europe and mass rape of women and girls of claiming the moral high-ground over us.

This is absolutely insane.

These people are enabling the rape of little girls because “oh my god it’s sad Moslem countries are poor.”

This is not morality. It is simply insanity. These people are evil.

We are through the looking glass.

Keep this story on your phone and show it to anyone who tries to take the moral high-ground on you by pushing the invasion of our countries.


A young girl has been repeatedly threatened and attacked, on one occasion needing hospital treatment, after being victimised by the friends and family of her rapist, according to reports.

Somalian migrant “Muhammed” received just 180 hours (22 days) of community service last year after he was prosecuted for attacking and brutally raping a 12 year old girl. Aged 18 at the time of his conviction, now the rapist’s friends and family are exacting revenge upon his victim, prolonging her trauma. cont


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