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Swedish Nationalists Go ‘Migrant Moslem Hunting’ on Sea Border with Denmark

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 Guitar Doc    1,203

That reminded my of the Abo hunting the Aussies used to do even into the late 1970's.

When the European and US immigrants came to Australia they noticed all the best places to live were already inhabited by the local indigenous people...so they shot and killed them to take their land. That caused 50 year war which to this day only gets mentioned by Jon Pilger on Australia day and very few Australian history books. The invaders conditioned their children to hate the indigenous people so they could try and justify what they did, the theft of a nation from it's people, and their descendants carried on the tradition of shooting abo's or just running them down in vehicles.

They used terms like "Roo hunting" to cover their activities of hunting people so insiders knew what they meant but outsiders thought they were hunting Kangaroos. One of Australia's dirty secrets. As yet they haven't given back the land they stole (they could never afford to pay for it in this day and age because they would owe them for all the mineral the mining corporations have taken and sold also, something the aborigines never would have allowed) and only apologised briefly once publicly after 20 years of stalling.


Can't say I have any respect for anyone who wants to hunt and kill their fellow man.


The Brits tried the same thing here in NZ, but the Maori were too skilled at warfare and beat the 4th best general in the British army then the 2nd best General (the best was tied down in India) forcing the brits to do the usual legal trickery to capture NZ under their flag. Over years the Maori protested Land theft by deception until the NZ government and Crown corporation agreed to compensate them with Land and Cash. It was also realized their was a lot of tourism to be made from the Maori culture of NZ. In doing so the Maori guaranteed their place in NZ and the protection of their culture, but probably only because it was going to make money for the NZ government. Through immigration the Maori people lost their nation they had captured (they were not indigenous either, they were also blood thirsty invaders who killed to get what they wanted. Evidence of people before the Maori is getting excavated yearly, but kept under wraps until all Maori compensation is paid out I would suggest.) but through interbreeding they captured it back. Few full blooded Maori exist today, but you only need a 64th Maori to claim Maori status. It used to be a quarter, then it was an 8th, then a 16th then a 32nd and now a 64th. You get the idea.

This is the fate of the world, it is inevitable given time that races will be erased from the globe as we know it. People who think they are different always want to fight it seems.


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Team Uzi   
Team Uzi
13 hours ago, Lucy Barnable said:

When the government refuses to protect the people the people are forced to protect themselves. It's just that simple.



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 rbear    240
On Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at 4:26 AM, rbear said:

Meanwhile in Bulgaria....

Slavs: The final hope of Western civilization.


The first video has been removed because they don't want you to know the truth. 

Anyhow, in re to ^,

Bulgarian Kebab Revomalist Hero Who “Illegally” Detained Illegal Hajis Appears in Court

Petar Nizamov arrived in court in Burgas, Thursday, to attend a hearing that confirmed the continuation of his house arrest, after he was accused of illegally detaining the group of men from Afghanistan. Nizamov was arrested on 12th April after he published footage of himself detaining three Afghani men after they had crossed the Bulgarian border.

Man this man’s bravery and heroism be remembered for a thousand years. cont

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