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Romania: TOTAL BRO Threatens to Use Violence if Refugee Center Built, Town Cancels It

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 rbear    240

Where are more men like this when we need them. Rise up! I am not advocating violence, but the people saying "not in my country". When was the last time you planned a visit to Guana? I can't think of anyone I have ever met ever, or even read about, planning on going there.

So they were trying to build a “migrant center” in a Romanian town.

But they didn’t count on one thing – a TOTAL BRO to show up and threaten to burn down their *****.

It’s a weird thing which has happened, but the poorest of Whites have become the defenders of our existence.

Then again, maybe it isn’t that weird. Maybe it’s exactly what you would expect to happen in some cosmic and/or Christian sense. etc cont

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