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Austria’s FPÖ Leader Humiliated Trying to Pander to Israeli Jews

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 rbear    240

Australia is on the white genocide project. The replacement rate for white is 1.2-1.3. They need at least 2 so in reality its -.8 or -.7 per white female/male. See radioaryian.com for tons more on this. These recordings on there are, heck who else does stuff like this? No one... Anyhow, on to the story...

Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) leader HC Strache has been humiliated in Israel after all senior government figures refused to meet with him despite his attempts to ingratiate himself with the international Jewish lobby.

The Israeli foreign ministry issued a formal statement saying that it “wanted no contact” with the FPÖ leader.

The Austrian daily newspaper Die Presse reported that Strache’s motive for the visit was “to make himself kosher in Israel” in the belief that if the Jewish state accepted him, other world leaders would do so too.

He has, however, been met with closed doors. Even former Israeli president Shimon Peres refused to meet with him, in line with an official request from the Israeli foreign office.

The Times of Israel said that the invitation to visit Israel was extended in January by Eli Hazan, Likud’s head of information and external communications, and former MK Michael Kleiner, president of the Likud’s internal court.

“Kleiner has pressed for years for the ban to be reversed, citing Strache’s anti-Muslim position and his support for settlement building,” the Times of Israel said. etc cont

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