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California Farmers Turning To Fracking Wastewater for Irrigation

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 Talon    716

While the drought emergency imposes greater restrictions on California’s population, many of its struggling farmers are turning to a cheaper, but questionable and concerning, source of water to irrigate their crops.


Apparently big oil companies are making a killing off a side business, that is selling off the huge volumes of waste water “produced” through fracking to California’s drought-threatened agriculture sector. That means crops are grown in water with known and suspected carcinogens, along with hundreds of concerning chemicals. Via WhoWhatWhy:

The drought in California is bad news for residents, farmers and authorities—but not for Chevron, which is making a killing by selling treated oil-field wastewater to the state.

The Chevron water is being sold for irrigation purposes, not personal consumption. That’s because it would likely not be safe to drink the millions of gallons that the oil giant recycles daily. But irrigation water is, of course, intimately involved with agricultural products, Which raises the question: can it be dangerous to consumers, even if it’s not consumed directly?

Officially, California authorities are praising the Chevron arrangement as a win for a state suffering a years-long drought. At the same time, government officials are stepping up efforts to find out exactly which chemicals are being used in oil production—chemicals that might already be finding their way into the fields and orchards of California’s agricultural heartland.

Are they absorbed into food and transmitted into you? With an astonishing record for avoiding tests of water, conducting long term studies and a failure to ask the right questions, that answer is hard to know.

The “experts” are not exactly going out of their way to check, either:


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Wow, what a great way to put Fracking into a positive light!@?!!!$!$!! Almost makes one wonder if this drought was engineered :smfjsraq:

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