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French Government to Reward Moslems for Successful Jihad Attacks

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 rbear    240

The French government, led by Prime Minister Manual Valls, is introducing a new law in response to the terrorist attacks last year. This “Citizenship and Equality” law follows the usual pattern of rewarding Muslims for successful jihad operations and provides yet a further illustration, as if we needed it, of the inability of Europe’s ruling class to escape the mental paradigm according to which “people are all the same” – in other words there has been no evolutionary adaptation to varied life circumstances in different parts of the planet – and peoplehood is simply an administrative status assigned by a state, nothing to do with ancestry.

Some of the law’s provisions are aimed at breaking up ethnic enclaves.

The central idea was to better distribute the availability of social housing across the country and avoid “concentrations of poverty”. The government wanted to harden its tone towards mayors who are reluctant to build social housing and allow the State to take charge when this did not happen.


So, basically, the inhabitants of the residual pockets of the country where French people live among their own kind will have their “noses rubbed in diversity” and be forcibly de-Europeanised. cont

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