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Hollywood’s power brokers siding with Clinton over Sanders

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 Cinnamon    14,477

Hollywood’s power brokers are almost exclusively siding with Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary.

Studio players, big-money agents and A-listers like George Clooney are all backing the Democratic presidential front-runner, who has strong connections in the entertainment industry.

“I am not aware of one senior person in Hollywood backing Bernie,” one major Hollywood executive and fundraiser told The Hill.

The Vermont senator does have star power, but it is more on the margins with left-wing celebrities like Susan Sarandon or younger actors such as Ezra Miller.

The big money in L.A. is with Clinton, which mirrors how other Democratic centers of power have also backed the former New York senator, first lady and secretary of State.

Perhaps the leading example of the moguls’ unanimity on Clinton’s candidacy is DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg’s all-in support of her this time around.

Katzenberg — who supported Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary — has become a major fundraiser for both Clinton's campaign and Priorities USA Action, a pro-Clinton super-PAC. He and longtime political consultant Andy Spahn have been working the phones all week in advance of Clinton’s fundraiser at Clooney's Studio City house on Saturday.

To be sure, some industry power players may not be overly enthusiastic about Clinton, and some have taken a long time to donate to her campaign.

Still, the mood among the executives is very different this time around than during the Democratic primary in 2008.

Eight years ago, when Hollywood was confronted with a choice between Clinton and Obama, it was as if the San Andreas Fault had moved.

The emotional fissure split open the town — and particularly the moguls who write seven-figure checks to the Washington super-PACs.

In deeply Democratic Beverly Hills and Brentwood Park, where people drop $1 million decorating their guesthouse powder rooms, it was civil war, with neighbors and longtime political allies nearly coming to blows at cocktail parties.



Oh, looky at the lefties.  Try and assemble a group more liberal than they are, you'd be hard pressed.  I hope Trump gets elected and they leave the U.S.

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