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Revolution Begins In Colorado- Voters Burn Registration Cards Over GOP Fraud

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 Ukshep    13,282

All hell is breaking loose and the GOP revolution is starting in Colorado after they decided voters aren't actually needed and slated delegates that voted for Donald Trump are denied entrance into the CO convention after their names were stripped from the rolls and the caucus, which would have been where the voters chose their candidate to bind the delegates to a candidate, was cancelled



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I it has been my life experience that the vast majority of Republicans and Democrats are brainwashed sheeple who waste time thinking their way is superior when they're really the same. Or theyare delusional to the point where they think they can change the establishment by using a system that is not meant to be changed to benefit anyone but the powers that be. 3 old white guys sitting around at the VFW do not a revolution make. Besides,  revolutions are a waste of time.  What difference could it possibly make to me personally WHO is calling the shots? They will never have anyone's interests but their own as an agenda.  I get so tired of the game,  it's not even funny.  

Set your mind on things above,  not on earthly kingdoms. 

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