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Germany: Rapeugee Burns Down Shelter, Blames Nazis

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 rbear    240

It’s even more vexing when you consider the German people paid for the spraypaint

An arson attack on a refugee shelter that caused triggers and sparked a pro-rapeugee march in the city of Bingen turns out to be the work of a filthy Syrian who felt he deserved five-star accommodation.

The Sydney Morning Herald, which is the news equivalent of a Dreidel spinning, reports:

When a house used to shelter refugees was burned down in an arson attack last week, there seemed to be no doubt about the motives behind it.

Someone had sprayed a swastika on one of the house’s walls, which made investigators believe that they were dealing with right-wing extremism.

Local politicians in the city of Bingen were shocked and immediately set up a pro-refugee march to advocate for tolerance.

That was before a Syrian refugee – an inhabitant of the house – confessed to the crime.

According to police, the 26-year old had lived in the house for more than six months and wanted to express his dissatisfaction with the accommodation, which he described as cramped. He has since been jailed, as investigators search for explanations and evidence. cont

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Team Uzi   
Team Uzi

It would have been funny if the authorities had asked the Syrian pos if he had taken a photo of the time machine that the Nazis used to travel to the year 2016 from 1942.

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