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1) Audio-The Daily Traditionalist: Johnson’s Law, 2)txt Khazaria, 3)vdo Russia greater threat than terrorism? US Defense Sec Carter Believes

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Orthodox priest Father Matt ‘Raphael’ Johnson joins Matthew Heimbach for today’s podcast. Dr Johnson will be producing a new series of The Orthodox Nationalist for Radio Aryan starting next week and he starts by talking about the original series and what a pleasant suprise it was to see how well they were recieved. It became one of the most popular shows on Voice of Reason, despite just being based around lectures that he used to give at college. Much of the subject matter had a huge bearing on the events of today involving Russia and the Ukraine and it gave a chance to hear that history from a Christian Nationalist viewpoint, as opposed to the usual politically corrected version.

It also dealt with some of the more obscure former Soviet countries and highlighted something which Father Raphael calls ‘Johnson’s Law’ – that the smaller and more obscure the country is, the greater the lies that can be told about it by the media are. This probably has something to do with there being less people around to complain about it.


The US cannot defeat the military alliance that Putin has now formed with China and elsewhere because the US does not have the resources to fight back. The public debt is now the same as the private debt and at some point China is going to close the checkbook and stop lending money to America. It will be at this point, that our organisations will come into their own and replace the establishment’s collapsing institutions which will no longer be able to function. The Traditionalist Worker Party and others are already taking steps to provide the essential services to White people that the government are no longer able to provide.


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Russia was the largest Orthodox Christian nation on Earth. The RUS conquered the ancient Khazars (the tribe that members of "THE" Tribe say, was the modern Jews' RACIAL CULTURAL ANCESTOR).

As a poster over at this website noted: "Ukraine=Palestine II?

Texe Marrs says USA is recreating the Khazar empire on Russia's doorstep "the resurgent Khazar Empire has retaken control of its ancestral home and resumed its age-old goal of conquering the Rus." henrymakow.com/2014/08/Khazars-Re-invade-Ukraine%20.html

This could actually be a HUGE story. How much of modern history might be explained by Khazaria's attempt to make a comeback and avenge its defeat by Russia? For instance, the Bolsheviks were mostly Khazar Jews. So were the oligarchs who plundered Jeltzin's Russia and oversaw the dismemberment of the Soviet Union. 
Curiously enough, some time ago I was wondering if the unquenchable and eternal animosity of the Jews and their Anglo allies towards Russia was linked to the fall of Khazaria at the hands of Russian princes a 1000 years ago.

Not only could this explain a motive behind events like Zionism and Bolshevism, but it makes it a little bit understandable, why they should be so bitter. Not that we should let them have their way, but at least it puts their project under a standard category, of revanchism.

So now we're seeing another Palestine in Ukraine with the native population becoming 2nd class citizens in their own country?

History sure is a long game! This goes back really to ancient times.

Would it be too naive to believe that exposing the motive might help defuse the deadly strategy it gave rise to? Or will it result rather in open calls for a New Khazaria, the same way we already have a New Judea in Palestine?

Map shows Khazaria reached as far as Kiev and Crimea; at its peak, its extent was quite a bit greater still."-http://progressivepress.com/blog-entry/dirty-war-ukraine

Point #1

Orthodox Christianity (unlike Rome, Geneva, Canterbury, or Augsburg) still maintains their catholic form of religion- which states, simply, that EVERY CHURCH in Orthodox thought, is the locus of the Holy Spirit, and where the Sacrifice which ALONE pleases YHWH God, takes place- i.e., the Eucharist/Mass/Divine Liturgy. Orthodox Churches are called TEMPLES- as in the Temple of Solomon, the Temple that Christ said GOD would destroy via Rome, (which Vespasian and the Romans did, in AD 79). The TRUE place where the 'royal doors' are, and where the Gospel is proclaimed, is called 'THE BEMA'- just as the 'altar' area in a false/jewish Synagogue is called.

Point #2

Russia suffered under the JEWISH BOLSHEVIKS for over 70-plus years... at an estimated 100 MILLION dead- many of them WHITE CHRISTIANS; which is (time-wise) an analogy of the "Babylonian Captivity" of the Tribes of ISRAEL [ cf. Gal. 6:16], and then, RUSSIA resumed her Christianization of her land, after the Jews' "1000-year Reich" (Talmudic version) FAILED MISERABLY. The Neo-cohens, meanwhile, had all but captured the West, via the HERESY of Multiculturalism, and the Jews' dream of a 'Jew World Order' seemed almost within their grasp... And then, Putin came along. And Churches started being built. And jews started going to prison, and the nation began having children again, and Churches started being built, and filled. And their LEADER IS SHOWN BEING IN CHURCH - unlike O'bummer. ref


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Ash Carter Says Russia, Not the Hajis, Should be the Number One Target of the US Military


After failing to use ISIS to take down Assad in the name of Israel – having gotten BTFO by Czar Vladimir I – the goofy failed loser Ash Carter is demanding he get a chance to payback Russia for stopping ISIS.

His brilliant plan?


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