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The Tesla 3 Scam—-An Answer To Elon Musk’s Snow Job

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 Malevolent    2,905

Is this guy really for real - or is he just a scamster.  He left South Africa with not much to his name, he was not popular at school and was bullied by the Jocks.



Elon Musk’s latest four-wheeled exercise in rent-seeking will reportedly be “sold” (fundamentally dishonest word; I’ll explain) for about $35,000 to start. Which is a “deal” – sort of – when compared with the other Tesla, which has a starting price just under $70k.

Jalopnik writes (if it can be described as such):

“The entry-level Tesla Model 3 sedan is coming the month and it’s not just supposed to transform the future of the company, it’s supposed to transform the electric car into (sic) a bit player for the sybaritic and the techno-weirdos into a clean vehicle for the masses….”

The “writer” (sorry, I can’t help myself) then goes on to abuse the “shit talkers” (that’d be me) who “howl all day” about the electric Edsel’s range and recharge issues – which have not been solved.

As per usual, this article – pretty much allthe articles – parrot Tesla’s press kit talking points about the car’s potential range, which is “up to” 300 miles. Well, sure. You might also earn “up to” $100,000 a month working from home, using our multi-level marketing scam. Just call 1-800-BULLSHIT and sign upnow.

It amazes that so many people still fall for the “up to” schtick.

Especially here.  MORE HERE AT LINK


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 seeker    90

worth a read, as is his article on zuckerberg

i think i may begin to refer to 'them' and their minions as 'dream-weavers',

make the dream wonderful/promising, but always just a little bit left to keep you wanting to sleep





Notice two things about that 2003 photo. One, Musk is not in the picture. That is Eberhard and
Tarpenning. Two, the Tesla Roadster is complete. They are not posing with drawings or schematics,
are they? They are posing with a car. If you don't believe me, ask Martin Eberhard, who sued Musk in
2009. Among other things, Tesla founder Eberhard claims in the suit that,
In his zeal to appropriate Eberhard’s legacy, Musk has instead sullied Tesla Motors’ integrity
and blemished Tesla Motors’ reputation and prosperity.
He also accused Musk of libel, slander, and breach of contract. Although it is claimed Musk
countersued, the suit was eventually settled out of court, which of course means Eberhard won. Muskclaimed that he would show Eberhard's history of Tesla Motors was false, but he never did that. He
only paid to sweep everything under the rug.



The valuation of SpaceX is also a red flag. According to the mainstream story, Musk invested 100
million. Founders Fund invested another 20 million. The first launch was estimated by Musk to
happen in 2003, just 15 months after the company started, but there was still no launch in early 2012,
nine years later. Despite that, the value of the company in early 2012 was said to have ballooned to 1.3billion. Based on what?

After the alleged launch in May of 2012, the company's value ballooned again, to 2.4 billion. But SpaceX is a private company, the only profit for which is made in supplying
the International Space Station. Why would NASA hire a private company to do that? Surely NASA
wouldn't have put the ISS into semi-permanent orbit without a way to supply the astronauts with food,
right? Weren't they getting food before 2012? Yes. So why should the federal government give huge
subsidies to a private company to form, so that this company could do what NASA was already doing?

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 Guitar Doc    1,571

I thought he was a good guy until Afghanistan and SpaceX. I will attempt to explain.


Elon Musk is involved in batteries, it is the core of the Tesla business and the cars are just a means to make sales for their battery company. The battery technology he was promoting required Lithium. After the US government displaced the Afghan government and started to "pacify" areas where Oil Pipelines were drafted to run through they disclosed there was  billions of dollars worth of Lithium in Afghanistan and they had known from surveys taken in the 1970's. Oops, a bit of a mistake, because people like us are very good at putting 2 and 2 together. Biggest beneficiary of that Lithium will be the Tesla Battery company owned and run by Elon Musk.


Then your have SpaceX. He is now a US government defence contractor sucking on the taxpayer tit. He is owned now. He might not have been at first but he is now. You don't get those contracts without making secret concessions.

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