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GOP establishment cancels vote in Colorado, gives state to Cruz

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On 4/11/2016 at 7:55 AM, timetraveler2015 said:

This will backfire.

It is LOL. Apparently, Cruz isn't even a US citizen never mind 'natural born' both parents were Canadian citizens. It wasn't until 1977 Canada recognized dual citizenship.

NJ judge to decide if Cruz can appear on ballot


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GOP - Guys, we're actually the popular party for the first time in two decades. How to we run with this?

GOP2 - I know! Let's sabatouge the whole damn thing like we do in congress every year. Just piss the most people we can, off.

Trump - Um, guys, maybe you should let me just do my thing....

GOP - Shut up. Let's get Cruz as prez, even though no one likes him and it's about as sure a shot at putting Hillary in office as we can do.

GOP2 - Yep, then we can cry it's all the Democratic party's fault for anything because they keep winning! We can be the victim forever!

GOP - Awesome. 

Trump - I might have to run as a third party if you guys keep acting like this.

Cruz - *Crying* He's gonna break the pledge!

GOP - Don't worry, Ted, we'll just stop having primaries and give ya the rest of the delegates even though you're literally polling at a forth of Mr. Trump over here.

Trump - ... -.- *daydreams about his daughter* ^.^

America - We're so screwed.

Hillary - Vote for me! 

America - So screwed.

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