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KIRTI BETAI'S RESEARCH Pyramid Healing ENERGY Re-search Mr. Kirti Betai – Agra – India

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 Cinnamon    24,809

The Source of Inspiration

The Pyramid Energy System



The Creation of Pyramid Energy Force Field

The Giza Pyramid Complex has been the focus of attention of the mankind for centuries.

It has taken more time, attention, and efforts, of the contemporary scientific community, in trying to understand what was accomplished by the Egyptians, or whoever built the Giza Pyramid Complex, than it took the ancient engineering genius in materializing the Giza Pyramid Complex in-to reality.

Hundreds of scientists have invested their in-valuable time, attention, and energy, to De-Code the secret of the Pyramids. Equal number of scientists have invested their time, attention, and energy, to find flaws in their discoveries.

Those who want to find flaws are bound to succeed, as knowledge of man is imperfect. When knowledge becomes perfect the knower is no longer a man – he becomes God Personified in man. He does not find it necessary to collect evidence to satisfy others about the truth of what he has known. If the others choose to ignore or reject his discovery, he is unconcerned. The Earth was round even before Galileo discovered that it was so.

On a chance reading of an article about the experiments of Dr. Bovis (France) relating to the Energy Force Field of Pyramids, Kirti Betai whose liver and kidney failure due to adverse drug reaction had seen him go through a near death experience in 1984 (hepatic coma), started his Research in Pyramid Energy Systems for Healing his own health condition.

In two years 10,000 Pyramids were built by Kirti Betai, of different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials, as indicated by his Pendulum Dowsing to heal his liver, kidney, pancreas, heart, and spine.

Within two years Kirti Betai began to work 15 hours a day without any perception of fatigue, or pain, and without any drugs. Earlier he could not even sit for more than 30 minutes at a time.

Simultaneously Ms. Bhagbhari Betai – Kirti Betai’s wife – got complete relief in her chronic Asthma, Colitis, and Depression.

In the ten years thereafter over 30,000 patients of every conceivable diseases, dis-orders, and ailments have been cured with total relief in symptoms and confirmation of internal change through medical investigative tests e.g. choked arteries (Angiographies), Muscular Dystrophy and Diabetes (Blood Test), Gall Stone Removal (Ultrasound).

Disease, dis-order, and ailment treated successfully so far include Aids, Allergies, Arthritis, Asthma, Attention Deficiency, Choked Arteries, Burns, Chronic Fatigue, Cancer, Depression, De-Addiction, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia, Gout, Hyper / Hypo Tension, Insomnia, Migraine, Muscular Dystrophy, Polio, Paralysis, Rheumatism, Schizophrenia, etc.

The Mother Energy Field of 10,000 Pyramids was fortified by additional 26,000 Pyramids over the next ten years - totaling up to 36,000 Pyramids – their Energy Force Field being unified and integrated in-to one Energy Wave Form.

We live in an Energy Universe. All animate and inanimate Energy Forms are life-forms - having an energy nucleus within the core of every atom that constitutes the form.

Inanimate Energy Forms are visibly inert. Animate Energy Forms appear to act and inter-act with its environment, and they appear to survive on a continuous in-put of Energy from its environment and they produce waste. Inanimate Life-Form does the same but its activity is feeble and hidden from our sensory system.

All energy systems inter-act with each other continuously and spontaneously. Distance is no barrier. Every energy system polarizes to become kinetic. Polarizing involves concentration of energy particles at one place (positive pole) and corresponding depletion of energy particles at another (negative pole).

There cannot be any activity unless the energy system becomes bi-polar. Before the beginning of time and the Creation, there were two energy systems – one was conscious and kinetic (positive pole) – the other being depleted and dormant (negative pole) – its activity being too feeble to be called conscious – surviving on continuous input of Energy from the positive pole – not capable of individual action.

So in the beginning, there was one kinetic energy system, and the other dormant or unconscious or potential energy system.

By continuous and prolonged interactions between these two Systems the process of the Creation ensued. The very first inter-action, that made the first dormant energy particle active and kinetic marks the beginning of time and the Creation.

Now there were two active energy systems, and their interactions continued to bring about more energy particles in-to conscious and active state. So one became two – and two became three – and so on – until all energy particles that could be energized and made active by Energy interactions were brought to life.

The same is the process of every life-form in this and every other Solar System – in the mother’s womb two of the parents body cells inter-act to bring about one active cell of the new human body – this new cell divides in-to two – the two divide in-to four – and so on – every process of evolution creates a Pyramid Pattern.

Without Pyramid Pattern there can be no activity or organization or life. Every organization must function in Pyramid Pattern for its survival. So a country has one head of state (by whatever name) and each company has one CEO and every home (the smallest organizational unit of society) has to have one head of the family.

Pyramid Pattern therefore represents the process of evolution – of consciousness – of life.

Every energy system has a unique frequency, size, shape, color, and sound. If two energy systems are absolutely identical in all respects, they cannot remain as two - they will spontaneously merge in-to, one unified energy-wave-form.

For activity and interaction there must be in existence at least two energy systems, one Energy that will act upon another Energy, through the medium of Energy Waves. Through these interactions both will undergo some change. The change will be in one or more or all of the frequency, size, shape, color, and sound, the five manifestations of Energy.

In this process of evolution, the energy nucleus does not undergo change – the prime energy nucleus, which began the whole process of ever changing universe remains un-changed. We often refer to this energy nucleus as God.

At all levels of the Creation the energy nucleus does not undergo any change – only its form changes. e.g. water evaporates to turn in-to vapor (gaseous state) – vapor turns in-to water (fluid state) – water falling in polar regions turn in-to ice (solid state) – ice turns in-to water – through-out the process the nucleus remains un-changed.

The energy nucleus is in Pyramid Pattern – its action is also in Pyramid Pattern – e.g. a wave of light grows in Pyramid Pattern as it travels away from its Energy Center – same with magnetic energy wave – and the same with sound Energy Waves.

So the Pyramid or the energy nucleus remains un-changed in the interaction between the two or more energy systems and what remains un-changed is really the Pyramid.

The word ‘Pyramid’ in Greek is made up of two words – Pyr = Fire or Heat or Energy – and Amid = middle or center or nucleus. Energy Nucleus or Energy Center is therefore the true meaning of Pyramid. Pyramid, is that part of a life-form, which does not undergo change, but it brings about change in others in its environment, due to interactions.

In every Energy interaction the form of both interacting energy systems change. In interactions with a Pyramid even the energy nucleus of the other energy system changes. That is the key difference between energy nucleus of any energy system and the Pyramid Energy System.

That is why a dead body cell can remain un-changed (free from decay) when placed within Pyramid Energy Force Field.

This is possible only when an energy system has been accelerated (condensed) to a speed of perpetual motion. Perpetual motion means there is no change due to interactions – which can happen only when there is no motion – i.e. the speed of the sub-atomic particles whirling around the energy nucleus is so high that they are present at every place in every dimension i.e. at all levels simultaneously – when this happens, the energy particles are no longer in motion – because they are already present everywhere - so they do not undergo change – this is the state of Perpetual Motion.

In the state of Perpetual Motion the energy particles are in continuous interaction with all other energy systems at all levels of the Creation – but they do not change as a result of the interaction. This is the state of Pyramid Energy System.

This is also the state of the Prime Nucleus – The God – who is known to be omnipresent and omni-potent. Pyramid Energy System represents and reflects the God and His Creation.

Certain facts of life cannot be proved or explained merely in words – they have to be experienced. One can at best explain how drinking water quenches thirst (if water is drunk) but one cannot experience nor understand what it means unless he drinks the water when he is thirsty. The mankind does not understand the phenomena of sleep or how magnetism works – and yet every one sleeps and uses magnetism in daily life. Pyramid Power similarly will have to be experienced, to be understood.







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 Cinnamon    24,809

Some pretty interesting stuff but the worst wallpaper in the world on that site (pokes my eyes out).  Pyramid energy has always fascinated me, as well as ley lines.  So much has been hidden and destroyed.  When I was reading about the pyramid structure in that article, it made me think about how the ptb has built society upon that very thing and of course, we see it all the time as an evil thing because the pinnacle is always corrupt by the ones sitting up there. 

A lot of what is being said in that article is similar to Chinese Feng Shui, location, materials used etc.  No two places on earth are identical, so the energy can never be identical either. 

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