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Terrified Man Records Giant Machine UFO Hiding In The Sky

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 McWest    878

Plenty of COP members know that "UFOs" exist.  The reason I posted this video is to bring to awareness the cloaking technologies that are employed on the populace daily.  

*Side Note: At around the 8:00 minute mark you clearly see a TR3-B (A classified U.S. Military Aircraft).



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 Lucy Barnable    2,696

This is fascinating.
Just last week I was talking to someone who says he has "removed the filters in his mind" and can see these things.
The triangle "UFO" with the lights in this video are exactly what he described and the small "orbs" too.
He has been filming them but is too paranoid at this time to put it out. I sent this to him.
He didn't mention that could here them though; only sense they were there.

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