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Messing with EVP can lead to Schizophrenia like Condition

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.......................here's a little piece I wrote on my online journal, that goes into how I got into the danger zone as far as doing EVP goes:

In my own case, and in a few others that I know of, the very first EVPs that we captured were quite audible and clear. My first captured EVP was a rather deep male voice. ( I would hear this deep voice again later and began to call him “Mr. Deep Voice”). The responses that I had first received were brief, typical one word (but intelligent) replies to questions that I had asked. That very first EVP capture was a surprising moment for me. It was like being struck by an overwhelming feeling of wonder and curiosity that there really was something to this after all.

These first EVP captures were all it took for me to let myself get pulled in. For a few days after I had captured my first initial EVPs, I didn’t capture anything else, but I felt that if I kept at it, I would. I wanted a repeat of the clear EVPs I had captured just a few days before. Now I knew that there was something to this after all, this was in fact very real and I wanted to experience it again. Within just a few more days, I began to hear very faint, almost inaudible voices on my recordings. I could barely make out what they were saying, but I knew that they were there. After I did a recording session where I would ask the spirits several questions, I went back and listened to each recording over and over again, straining my ears to hear these voices better. What I was doing (though I didn’t fully realize it at the time) was attuning my ears to hear deeper into the recordings.

At this deeper level, here is where the spirit voices were. This wasn’t like the short but clearer replies that I had received before (or the bait as I believe now). At this deeper level, numerous voices began to appear. This deeper level was bustling with voices all seemingly willing to communicate with me. At times, not only was I hearing voices, but I was also hearing other sounds as well. I remember on separate occasions, hearing the sound of a car burning rubber and peeling away. On another occasion, I heard the distinct sound of gunshots.

This deeper level of voices was an entirely different dimension (literally) than just the occasional, louder voices that seemed to rise to the surface on my recordings. In the first month of my endeavor of experimenting with the Electronic Voice Phenomenon, my experience seemed to me a wondrous and benevolent one, yet at the time, I did not recognize that I was allowing myself to be pulled into all of this (too far) and I was unfortunately just too damn naive at the time to recognize any possible dangers. At this time, doing EVP sessions was literally becoming an obsession for me. Looking back now, a year and a half later. I can say that in that first month of recording (January, 2015), I was pretty much doing recording sessions every night, sometimes for 2-3 hours a night. All of this time that I spent straining to hear into this deeper zone, was having an effect on my sense of hearing. I was at this point, starting to get much better at hearing these fainter voices. It was as if everything was coming into focus.

During this first month of recording, I had thought that I had been communicating with benevolent spirits. Many claimed to be the spirits of people that had lived in my local area that I had known about. Eventually I came to believe that I was even communicating with family and friends who were deceased. I’ll never know for certain what exactly happened and who exactly I was communicating with that first month. What did happen was that in the second month of my recording endeavor, everything took a dramatic turn towards the terrifying. Starting in February, my recording session came to be over run by what I can only describe as malevolent, hostile, and threatening voices. It started off slight at first, just an occasional insult or threat, but within just the span of a couple of weeks, these malevolent voices came to dominate everything. They seem to have emerged from this deeper zone within the noise and now they were taking over. I began to hear things like:

“they’re all over you”

“the house is ours”

“today you lose Brian”

then by the end of February and in early March, I began to hear these malevolent voices outside of my recordings with just the naked ear. This too was gradual and by early April, 2015, I was literally attacked with a non-stop barrage of menacing and tormenting voices as well as physical attacks 24/7. I’ve written extensively about this hellish ordeal in some of my other accounts, but for the record, my personal descent into this maelstrom of paranormal madness all came about when I let myself walk right into the EVP Danger Zone, that deeper zone that lies deeper within the noise, deeper within the silence. I was naive and consumed by curiosity. I ventured into this zone like a fool and stumbled into a very real abyss.............................

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Thanks for sharing & welcome to the forum. Wow what a fascinating story! I do not doubt it. There is a lot going on that we cannot see or hear (or feel) until we give it a chance, or focus on it. 

I have considered dappling with EVP but always decide not to in case something gets out of hand. Every day is a battle of good vs evil & I do not want to find myself behind enemy lines. 

Blessings your way @jerseyguy77 I believe we can defeat evil & good will prevail if we can stay on the righteous path. Just when it seems over, there is always another chance. :64pwFDH:

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These things happen when you reach out. Or something reaches out to you and you don't reject it. It may not even be a conscious decision on your part. I probably should not have looked at this thread, because it brings to mind many of the feelings and experiences that I have fought hard to control. And it creeped me out to be honest. I think my problems started with multiple high fevers as a child. I was, in my mind, in a totally different realm when caught in the grip of the fever. I couldn't "see" at these moments and nothing around me had any resemblance to reality. Loved ones were seen and perceived as entities with evil intent.

From then on, I would see and hear what I think are demons. Three pink skeletons with cotton candy hair rattling their bones floating above the foot of the bed. (called boos). Dark shadows of witches swirling and capering in my room when the light went out. Of course, these could be seen as mild and benign imaginings, as I was very young.

But even as I got older, I would get this feeling that the world was not quite real. I felt like when you bite a piece of Styrofoam. But it was in my mind. I was raised Catholic, and knew lots of rote prayers, so when I felt strange I would pray. But like some of your testimonials, there was a stronger voice - God is a f***er - over and over, blocking out the prayer.

For a while, when I was around 10-13, I did really well and excelled at everything I tried. I was happy, I think. During this time, I became involved in an Olympic sport at a high level and wanted to be the best. I lived for the sport for many years and devoted all my time and effort. A loss, even at national events, was intolerable to me. I looked for an edge, some power. I shouted out hatred and prayed to Satan. Over and over.

During and after the week of my greatest victory, my life began to fall apart. Nothing was ever the same for me. Years later (15?) I got a handle on things and started to remember what is really important in life and how to love people the best I could. Empathy and even the concept of love was foreign to me for a long time. I thought it was some kind of made-up bullshit.

I still struggle with the ideas of love and hate. I know I love some people, but I really do hate others. I can live with that.

To keep myself in line, I can't play around with supernatural thoughts or practices, no matter how drawn to that I may be. In fact, if these thoughts enter my mind, I will literally spit to get it out. But there are a few things that never leave me alone.

I hear the condemning voices in white noise (psychotron). The bed shakes like someone is pushing down on it almost every night. Things poke me or grab my leg. I see the quick motions just beyond perception. The Hag. It's kind of laughable to me at this point. I don't care what happens to me. And they have no real power.


But, if you really are feeling oppressed,

"I cast out the demons and the devil in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, Amen"

Works every time.

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I wanted to try to capture some evps but now I don't think I want to.  There was supposedly a guy who used a voice recognition program, like Dragon or something.  He claims that he'd often leave the VRP on all night in a text editor program and when he checked his computer he would find words on the screen, things like Help or asking questions, random things.  Creepy.  I believe there are things that can get through the veil and if we give them attention, whether being afraid of them or trying to communicate with them, it gives them power.   After dealing with many instances of things trying to frighten me, I have adapted what I call a neutral stance.  When it starts, I ignore. Then it leaves, but they are never truly gone if it's you that's haunted and not a particular place. 

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Welcome aboard and thank you for sharing your story.
I have no experience with EVP. I've never tried it but I have a lot of experience with dimensional entites.
First, I want to say I like that you wrote schizophrenic like condition as clinical schizophrenia presents at fairly specific ages. 

When you say the entities claimed to be loved ones at first and then turned I'm remind of accounts people have shared about Ouija Boards.
Also, in the book The Exorcist (based on a true story) Reagan at first thought Captain Howdy was her friend, then it attacked her.
It's is true that when you reach out, without a clear path, you don't know what may sense you, follow you and attach itself.

The fan noise... yes, it somehow carries the voices but I sleep with a fan on every night to help blend out, or in, the voices.

I have to disagree with VonLud when he's says that calling on Jesus will work every time.
I doesn't always work on every entity and there are many different types.
Some don't seem to recognize Jesus or our Creator at all.
Maybe that's a flaw within myself though.

What has helped with protection for me is to use my totem (animal spirit).
Just focusing on it calms me and helps me to find my way out of the chaos.
Also, (I know this sounds new agey) protection stones or other items that resonate with you.
I have a blood stone ring I wear when I feel vulnerable and I swear it helps.
Everybody is different so what works for one may not work for another.
Here's a list if you're interested:

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