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Lebanon is on the list for take down

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 Cinnamon    24,585

The PNAC docs (neo-con agenda) mention Lebanon as one of the 7 countries they wanted to bring down in 5 year's time.  And I thought they had their plate full. I didn't even see Lebanon on the radar for a take down this soon, it'll be country number 5 on their list!  It's taken 14 years instead of 5, though. Perhaps they overestimate themselves or maybe we are making things tougher for them when we rabble rouse in different ways against them. Whatever it is, it's not enough to stop them. 

Lebanon is being forced to collapse


Lebanon cannot stand on its feet anymore. It is overwhelmed, frightened and broke.

TrendsIslamic State

It stands at the frontline, facing Islamic State (IS, formerly known as ISIS/ISIL) in the east and north, hostile Israel in the south and the deep blue sea in the west. One and a half million (mostly Syrian) refugees are dispersed all over its tiny territory. Its economy is collapsing and the infrastructure crumbling. ISIS is right on the border with Syria, literally next door, or even with one foot inside Lebanon, periodically invading, and setting up countless “dormant cells” in all the Lebanese cities and all over the countryside. Hezbollah is fighting ISIS, but the West and Saudi Arabia apparently consider Hezbollah, not ISIS, to be the major menace to their geopolitical interests. The Lebanese army is relatively well trained but badly armed, and as the entire country, it is notoriously cash-strapped.

These days, on the streets of Beirut, one can often hear: “Just a little bit more; one more push, and the entire country will collapse, go up in smoke.”

Is this what the West and its regional allies really want?

One top foreign dignitary after another is now visiting Lebanon: the UN chief Ban Ki-moon, World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim and the EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini. All the foreign visitors are predictably and abstractly expressing “deep concern” about the proximity of ISIS, and about the fate of the 1.5 million Syrian refugees now living in Lebanon. “The war in neighboring Syria is having a deep impact on tiny Lebanon”, they all admit.

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Lebanon: 'A land divided and subservient to outside forces'

Who triggered this war is never addressed.

And not much gets resolved. Only very few concrete promises are being made. And what is promised is not being delivered.

One of my sources who attended a closed-door meeting of Ban Ki-moon, Jim Yong Kim and the heads of the UN agencies in Beirut, commented: “almost nothing new, concrete or inspiring was discussed there.”

The so-called international community is showing very little desire to rescue Lebanon from its deep and ongoing crises. In fact, several countries and organizations are constantly at Lebanon’s throat, accusing it of “human rights violations” and of having weak and ineffective government. What seems to irritate them the most, though, is that Hezbollah (an organization that is placed by many Western countries and their allies in the Arab world on the “terrorist list”) is at least to some extent allowed to participate in running the country.


Weaken, then invade and take over!  This one is no different than the rest. When will the gassing of the Lebanese begin so that the public will get behind a war to "help those poor people over there" while wringing their hands and saying "The U.S. has GOT to do something, like they have done so many times before?

 With Israel being right next door and an enemy of Lebanon, Lebanon overrun with refugees and their being on the neo-con hit list, let's see how long it takes for Lebanon to collapse into itself and lose sovereignty.  Grim stuff here.  It seems no matter how stretched we are militarily these plans will continue. I wonder if there are other plans than the 7 countries that we don't know about?  What we don't know is usually a lot worse than what we do. 


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 Brio    1,038

Lebanon gold reserves 286.8 tons (wiki) rank 19th. That's a lot of shiny stuff for perceivably little expense.

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