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Fourth echelon

dzhokhar tsarnaev sentencing: will a boston jury spare his life?

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“This is by no means a mathematical or mechanical process,” said Judge George O’Toole as he instructed the jury a few moments before they heard closing statements in United States v. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Yet O’Toole had just presented the jurors a verdict form, the pages of which ask them—once their deliberations begin—to tally up their votes on a list of pros and cons guiding their decision to kill Tsarnaev or spare his life.

One checkmark on the fry-the-bastard side of the ledger; another in the lock-him-up-forever column. Given the cavalcade of complicating factors the two sides have asked them to consider, I bet at least a few jurors wish they weren’t banned from using laptops in the deliberation room. It might be useful to whip up an Excel spreadsheet to track the stats.




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