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Scientist Releases EPA Study They Didn’t Want Published – Links Fracking to Water Contamination

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 Ukshep    12,936

A new study has confirmed a controversial EPA draft report that was never fully completed: in one location, fracking chemicals contaminated a drinking water aquifer. Unlike previous reports which found potential contamination from methane seepage and wastewater elements, this study found the presence of chemicals employed to perform hydraulic fracturing in a potable aquifer.

“We documented impact to a water resource as a result of hydraulic fracturing for the first time,” scientist Dominic DiGiulio said in an interview according to the Casper Star Tribune.

DiGiulio worked for the Environmental Protection Agency and had been one of the lead scientists researching the original report, in 2011, which focused on an area near Pavillion, Wyoming — and included the Wind River Reservation. In that location, and unusual geologic formation means the rocks subject to fracking closely abut a drinking water aquifer. That study found fracking contamination had, indeed, reached the aquifer — but the findings ignited a firestorm of controversy so intense, the report was abandoned by the EPA before being finalized.

DiGiulio then took a job at Stanford University, and partnered with his colleague, Rob Jackson, to complete the original work — much of which had simply been shelved. Together with the EPA’s original research, DiGiulio filed a Freedom of Information Act request to procure water samples that hadn’t been published — and the pair confirmed the contamination of the drinking water aquifer.


Secrets out and shits proven. eat that!

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