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Ted Owens, Psychic

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He was said to be able to influence the weather psychokinetically, make predictions, summon or predict UFO appearances, etc. He said he was in contact with a group of extraterrestrials called the Space Intelligences or Saucer Intelligences. He wrote a book called "How to Contact Space People." I tried the technique to contact the space people through ESP/telepathy/visualization and it didn't work for me, although I didn't learn the Roth Memory Course as Ted Owens said you should.

I read some of the book "The PK Man: A True Story of Mind Over Matter" and in it he has a lot of predictions that come true. For instance, he promised a UFO sighting within 90 days and a few days before there was a UFO sighting he called the author Jeffrey Mishlove and said the UFO sighting would happen in a few days, and sure enough a UFO was spotted shortly after that call.

He would also do things like promise lightning storms, extreme heat, high winds, and people acting strangely, etc. on Cleveland in revenge for people not showing up to some events he held and sure enough there were instances of lightning strikes, high winds, heat, and people acting strangely. He also was said to be able to affect the outcome of sports events. He had a lot of affidavits signed from people saying he predicted things.

I emailed the author Jeffrey Mishlove and he said Ted Owens was wrong in his predictions or psychokinetic demonstrations about a third of the time. A lot of people according to the book supported Ted Owens predictions, through testimony, sworn and signed affidavits, etc. Ted Owens predicted the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, although he said it was going to be destroyed by the Space Intelligences. He also made some far-out claims like levitating when he was younger.

Here's a site about the book The PK Man, which is interesting reading http://www.williamjames.com/pkman.htm

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