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What Miranda Lambert Wore To The Country Music Awards

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What Miranda Lambert Wore To The Country Music Awards Will Outrage Leftists‏ - http://politistick.com/what-miranda-lambert-wore-to-the-country-music-awards-will-outrage-leftists/




The war to preserve the Second Amendment is not merely one fought in Congress. It is not merely fought in courtrooms. The real battle for the preservation of our right that protects all others is a cultural one.

Everywhere today, kids are told that guns are bad and that only bad people have them. A teen wears an NRA shirt to school and he is sent home. A child brings his favorite squirt gun to school and he’s treated as a mini domestic terrorist.

The left continually attempts to introduce doctors into the conversation about gun ownership. Liberals contend that gun ownership is both a mental health issue and a national health crisis.

We are fighting a very cultural war that will determine how future generations view gun ownership. Because of this war, the left is likely to be none-too-pleased with country music star Miranda Lambert’s choice of attire at the Country Music Awards on Sunday.

The country star won Female Vocalist of the Year at the awards for the sixth consecutive year. She came to the awards show with a tasteful dress, but with a small gun and holster attached to her pink stilettos.

Predictably, the left was not amused with the subtle stance.<More at the link>


More people should challenge the status quo and carry their "protection" in line with issued permits - This is a clear indication as to the rot that is already being programmed into kids and the average (non thinking) Joe Soap.  Sometimes people just need to stop and smell the roses!  We, the public, are being brainwashed by MSM and "entertainment" via television and subliminal movies.  People should watch less TV and read more CT forums and alternative news....

"Meanwhile, as Lambert endures criticism for daring to showcase a gun, Kim Kardashian is praised for posting a classless nude selfie. Apparently, to much of the left, immodesty is a “women’s right” issue but Lambert’s Second Amendment viewpoint is ridiculous."

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