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German Government Produces Hate Video Against Germans Tying Immigration to the Holocaust

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The Jew-occupation government of Germany has produced an anti-German hate video against the German people, telling them: “You are not the people, you are the past.”

The hate feature was aired on Germany’s public broadcaster ZDF’s NEO MAGAZIN ROYALE television show.

The video starts out with these lines:

Remember, Remember

The 9th of November

Broken glass, fire and plot.

I know of no reason

Why our own treason

Should ever be forgot.

So, that’s a reference to the pogrom of the Jews known as Kristallnacht, which took place on November 9th, 1938.

This video begins with a reference to the oppression of Jews, then goes on to explain that Germans aren’t really German and need to be flooded with everyone from anywhere.

They are directly using the alleged Holocaust of the Jews as an explanation for why Germany deserves to be destroyed, claiming that the current German population is responsible – through their bloodline – for the alleged actions of some of their countrymen – actions which were taken before they were born, before most of their parents were born.

Let’s compare this to the present situation with Moslems, where they are never responsible for the actions of their own countrymen, and to even ask them a question about the actions of their countrymen can lead to arrest. etc cont (best to read it all, interesting stuff)

"It’s a very weird video. Possibly the weirdest video I have ever seen. But that’s a good thing. They are getting desperate." source above...

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