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2016 Election Bombshell: DC Madam’s Lawyer Plans to Release 1 Name (Video)

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 BigRed    150

Hmm, someone is shaking in their boots right now, maybe should have kept those boots on not under the bed!

Just when you thought this Presidential race could not possibly get any more like reality TV, now a dead DC Madam’s attorney is promising to release one of the 815 names on his former client’s list. The former Madam’s attorney, Montgomery Blair Sibley, says that because of the implications of the 2016 presidential race to the county’s future, with or without approval from the Supreme Court, the name is going to be released. I don’t think it’s too hard to speculate that the name most likely to show up on this DC Madam’s client list is Ted Cruz. While Cruz has repeatedly denied any and all allegations of extra-marital affairs, it doesn’t make much sense how it could be anyone else. 

Frankly, if it’s Bernie Sander’s name on the list, my guess is he gets a positive bump from it, because he’s a crusty old raisin, and a huge part of his following are young college age kids who would probably get a kick out of it. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, have you seen Melania Trump lately? Enough said on that? Besides, how often is Trump in DC? 



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