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Latest Conspiracy Related or just plain Weird/Disturbing Videos - April 2016!

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 Ukshep    14,480

Here are the Latest Conspiracy Related or just plain Weird/Disturbing Videos - April 2016!


I thought i would start posting some of what i watch as i look for new stuff, here is this weeks interesting videos!


Conspiracy Psychology - Freeman Fly & Frater X

What do you believe? What should you believe and what psychology is leading you to the belly of the beast? An epic and informative talk between Freeman Fly and Frater X covering a host of "outsider" topics.


The Greedo Conspiracy: a second shooter in the cantina

Came across this one. knew a few of you would like it!


Top 10 Conspiracy Theories That are Actually True

A little informative conspiracy facts video above. One that might be worth sharing with sheeple!

People always like to believe that there is more to what is going on than we are being told. That they have some secret knowledge that others don't, so they form conspiracy theories. The thing is some conspiracy theories are true, these are the top 10 conspiracy theories that are actually true.

Although i disagree with the top spot.


20 Most Messed Up Children's Drawings

This is just plain Weird and hella Creepy!


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Conspiracies (Web Exclusive)

John Oliver wakes up the sheeple who have had the wool pulled over their eyes by the lamestream media.

^^ This one may annoy you. Who knows!


Female Anti-Trumper Gets MACED After Punching Male Pro-Trumper In the Face LOL!

I won't say anything about this one! Just watch it.

Actually why are Bernie sanders supporters so violent? answer that!

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