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Harvard’s Larry Summers Says Blacks are Getting Too Much Attention on Campus, Jews Need More

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 rbear    240

The obsessive Jew Larry Summers, former President of Harvard University, presently serving as a professor of economics, is angry that more attention isn’t being paid to the emotions of Jews on college campuses.

He has written a tear-stained letter in The Washington Post:

It has seemed to me that a vast double standard regarding what constitutes prejudice exists on American college campuses. There is hypersensitivity to prejudice against most minority groups but what might be called hyper-insensitivity to anti-Semitism.

The State Department has made clear that it regards demonizing Israel or “applying double standards by requiring of it a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation” as anti-Semitism. This makes obvious good sense.Does anyone doubt that applying standards to African countries that were not applied to other countries or singling them out for sanction when other non-African countries were guilty of much greater sins would be deemed racism?

Currently, Ivory Coast, Central African Republic, the DRC, Eritrea, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Sudan and South Sudan are being sanctioned by the US, mainly for crimes against humanity, the same reason people are trying to sanction Israel. I’ve never heard these sanctions called “racism.”

So to answer your question: “yes, people doubt that.” cont

My gosh! flood campuses with Asians, Chinese, surrounding areas with Mexicans or "fakeugees"/both(I stumbled upon one in a college town.). Put blm all over everywhere then get jealous and want more media coverage on Jews.   

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