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What if the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster never happened?

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 Talon    716

We’ve all seen the various so-and-so is still alive or so-and-so is actually XYZ stories. They abound on the internet. Bill Hicks is actually Alex Jones or Jim Morrison faked his death and is actually Rush Limbaugh or Paul McCartney was killed and replaced by Billy Shears. Most are fairly hard to swallow and largely depend on a few superficial coincidences and/or photographs that show some basic facial resemblance. It’s the stuff of paranoid fever dreams, mischievous hoaxers, or the author’s narcissistic desire to break something new and previously unseen (and sell a couple books in the process).

But pop star doppelgangers are one thing, dead astronauts and a cherished moment of national grief is another thing entirely. It is, at least socially, a dangerous conspiracy theory to say the least, on par with claiming that Pearl Harbor was a false flag operation and the Moon Landing Never Happened.

Well, hang on to your tin foil hat because the DCClothesline website goes there, without ever quite explaining why:

What if someone were to tell you that most, if not all, of Challenger’s 7 crew members are still alive and thriving in their new professions, contrary to what we’ve been told?

That is the contention of simonshack and other contributors on the chat forum, CluesForum.info. They claim 6 of the 7 Challenger crew members are still alive; some even kept their names. Here’s [a sampling of] their evidence.

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I tried to embed a picture of Gus Grissom and the other two astronauts who died in a fire in an early Apollo mission. But my device keeps crashing.


Their deaths were probably not accidental, if you know what I mean. The whole program was a sham.

What do you reckon was the Challenger destroyed for? NASA and their handlers wanted an excuse to close the doors on their fake company, which was mostly a Hollywood movie with Stanley Kubric directing. He left clues for future snoopers to find.

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