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Bought and Sold? John McCain’s Foundation Took $1 Million from Saudi Arabia

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 Cinnamon    24,804

The contribution came as President Obama attempted to negotiate the nuclear agreement with Iran, Saudi’s regional adversary, raising concerns that a foreign government influenced internal US policy.

A new scandal has erupted involving US Senator John McCain of Arizona — his nonprofit organization, the McCain Institute for International Leadership, received a $1 million donation from the repressive government of Saudi Arabia in 2014. The news is likely to impact his closely contested US Senate race against Arizona Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick, a race that pollsters say is within the margin of error.

US federal law strictly bans foreign contributions to electoral campaigns, but the restriction does not apply to nonprofits engaged in policy even those organizations bearing the name of a sitting lawmaker. Although likely not a technical violation of the law, McCain’s foundation is interconnected with his reelection campaign, the candidate’s fundraiser is listed as the contact person for the foundation.

Campaign ethics organizations argue that this contribution is merely an end around allowing the Saudi government to make a large contribution in hopes of influencing policy. 

"Foreign governments are prohibited from financing candidate campaigns and political parties," Craig Holman of the watchdog organization Public Citizen, said. "Funding the lawmakers’ nonprofit organizations is the next best thing."

Is This Truly a Scandal or is this Politics as Usual in Washington? 

The connection of John McCain’s foundation to the repressive House of Saud is not really atypical for foundations in the name of well-established politicians. The Clinton Foundation, for instance, includes among its top donors several foreign governments including Saudi Arabia.


Read more: http://sputniknews.com/politics/20160331/1037294645/mccain-saudis-iran-donation-campaign.html#ixzz44cTfDdaq

John McCain needs to retire and get out of politics. But I guess they never want to leave such a lucrative position.  Look at all the ways they have to leach money... and don't care where it comes from.  I guess they think people are too busy to pay attention to things like this.  Nothing seems to affect these people and they always have some explanation, even though a lot of it is basically unethical decisions they make. Put these people in jail, they are a public nuisance. 


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