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Pedestrians Can Be Fined for Walking while Texting

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 rbear    240

A state assemblywoman recently proposed a “distracted walking” measure. If it becomes a law, many pedestrians using their mobile devices on the street could face fines or even jail time.

When listening to music, talking on the phone or texting while walking around, people can hurt themselves – walk into poles or trip over a big crack in the sidewalk. Indeed, distracted walking today is an ever-increasing problem, because in our days people of all ages are more dependent on electronic devices. According to the experts, pedestrian deaths have been rising – if a decade ago 11% of all US fatalities involved pedestrians, now this number rose to 15%.

This rise in deaths urged some states to introduce bills targeting pedestrians and/or bicyclists. For example, a bill pending in Hawaii would fine a pedestrian $250 for crossing the street while operating an electronic device. Similar bills have failed in such states as New York, Illinois, Nevada and Arkansas. So, in fact, no states have yet enacted a law targeting distracted bicyclists or pedestrians, but such bills are introduced every year. cont

Well I can say that maybe it might be a good thing? Too many people ignoring the world around them and having problems from it. I wonder if it would apply also to people who run? I see them so often having headphones on.

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 rbear    240
1 hour ago, rbear said:

...only allow pedestrians on public roads to use mobile devices if they are hands-free or face fines of up to $50 and/or 15 days imprisonment (the same penalty as jaywalking). She also suggested to allocate half of the fine to safety education about the dangers of walking and texting.

wow, "what you in for"?... well I was listening to my mp3 player and running and got tackeled by the cops and arrested, they say 15 days minimum should do the trick as well as re-education camp, was just trying to get in shape man.. lol.. ser though, they would be arresting tons of old ladies/etc walking/running (younger than old ladies/etc)

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