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Germany: Invaders Can Return to Asylum Center and Gain Sovereign Immunity

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 rbear    240

Nonwhite invaders posing as “refugees” and living in state provider centers appear now to be above the law, according to a crime victim who was told by police that they cannot enter the camps to recover stolen property.

According to a report in the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, the “asylum centers” are now a “legal black hole” into which “asylum seekers” can retreat after committing crimes without fear of being pursued.

According to the report, a German from Stuttgart was in the Karlsruhe Central Station at ten to six in the evening. He was standing at the train ticket vending machine, and had placed his backpack—which contained a Macbook, two external hard drives, a notebook, keys and his iPhone, between his legs as he purchased a ticket.

Standing at the machine next to his was a nonwhite who appeared to be struggling with buying a ticket, and after a minute turned to the German and asked him for help in getting a ticket to Mannheim.

After the German stepped up to the nonwhite’s machine to help him, another nonwhite came up and stole the backpack, making off with it before the victim could react.

The victim then went to the police station, where he lodged a complaint. The police took him in a vehicle to scout around—unsuccessfully—for the thieves. Back at the station, the victim realized he could track his iPhone using a GPS tracker on the Internet.


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Team Uzi   
Team Uzi

Just like here on the east coast,

illegal Mexicans can slither to Indian reservations after committing crimes.

People from the Yakima reservation tell me that they do it all the time.

Muslims may also take advantage of this as well .

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