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Conspiracy: Are 125 Dead Scientists, 72 Dead Bankers, and 3 Dead Journalists Related?

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 BigRed    150

I find all this very intriguing. What did they all have in common? There are many unanswered questions here. How do you shoot yourself in the head seven or eight times??


Back in August, in a previous article of mine titled, 74 NASA Scientists Dead: Largest Cover-up in Human History Continues, I examined the question of whether a large number of highly suspicious deaths around the globe involving scientists, bankers and journalists could all be related. The fact that the title refers to the largest cover-up in human history ought to give you some idea as to what conclusion I reached. 

The article below by A Sheep No More has some developments that have occurred since the post mentioned above, and I’ve also written about a number of the highly suspicious deaths since then, so what follows will be a compilation of all that material. First, the video below is from about a year ago, but the narrator does an excellent job of summarizing not just the suspicious nature of what was then 55 dead bankers, all by alleged suicide, but he also does an excellent job questioning why the media has glossed over all the stories, if the stories were even mentioned at all. 

Wouldn’t you think a person shooting themselves in the head with a nail gun would make national news? Ok, what if I said the person allegedly shot themselves in the head 7-8 times, and it was handled as a suicide? Doesn’t quite sound right does it? It almost seems like the person was tortured. What about a story where an alleged banker was found dead in his bathtub from an apparent “suicide,” with his throat slit? Here’s the thing with that one: The knife used to slit his throat was found underneath the body when he was discovered dead. How does that happen? 

How many bankers do you know (or have you ever heard of) that just won $10 million dollars and then through themselves off a building? Probably not too many right? As you’ll learn in the video below, at the time of the video’s making there were 55 dead bankers globally who all died of alleged “suicides” with crazy situations like the ones just mentioned. Suicides? Really?


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