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Michele Fiore- Divided, but not Conquered/Political Prisoners in Nevada

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 Cinnamon    14,674

Published on Mar 29, 2016

Just as many of our actual laws have been replaced by rulings based on “color of law,” the part of the actual law that states a defendant is innocent until proven guilty has not been merely replaced, but seemingly ignored; especially when it pertains to the political prisoners held by our federal overlords.

Recap of video by me: 

DOJ involvement in OR and the stuff that was going on about Nevada with the Bundy's and Finicum. Did Valerie Jarret give the order for the debacle in Oregon that resulted in Finicum's death? Parumph, NV is where they are being held, 8 of them in solitary confinement. Why solitary? They didn't shoot anyone, the Feds did. 4 are in Henderson, NV. U.S. Marshall is giving the order to put them in solitary. There is one prisoner who is completely blind. A huge threat? Shows you what cowards the feds really are, doesn't it? 

They get less than an hour outside in an 8x10 kennel, shackled and handcuffed before sunrise. Then back to solitary, if they get a phone call, phone is put through a slot and so are their meals. 

Treating them as if they were convicted and they are not, guilty until proven innocent. Lots of suits being filed against law enforcement. 

Fiore was not allowed in to do a well check. They are trying to stop them from communicating with the outside. 

Appointed Gov. Brown emails and Obama vids of him making fun of Cliven Bundy. Using sound bites to make things sound worse. (nothing new is it?)  

BLM is trying to get submachine guns now. Time to disarm these criminals.  Talks about HR 4751 disarming BLM.  

Fiore calls them agencies of terrorism, militarized govt. agencies like BLM.  Judges are doing what the government wants. Obama appointed the judge who is overseeing the Bunkerville incident. 

Santelli: Fiore says Deb Jordan says he's ok but the people who are overseeing them are not giving them bail, bond or a speedy trial. Some of the guards are understanding to the "cause".  Santelli got ripped off for commissary items in his cell by someone.  

People don't know or understand the law, they don't see political prisoners due to lack of education, they don't get it.  

Criminality of feds is legion.  They are revealing themselves more and more all the time. More stuff is getting out that the Feds don't want you to know about. 

Fiore: People detained are people up front and forth, they are the spokespeople and they are being put behind bars.  

Reminiscent of what founding fathers went through, these situations. Veteran arrested that worked for Trump, Jerry Delimas was not even at the standoff, he showed up after it was dissolved. Being held for Bunkerville protest and he wasn't even there. He's going to be transported to Parumph, NV facility. 

Asking for people to send letters, money, even small amounts like 5 bucks. No protein in their food they are getting. 


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