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Chemtrail Crimes: Human Hybridization And Aerial Vaccinations (VIDEO)

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 BigRed    150

The post I recently put up on De Niro pulling the film on vaccinations created a good debate, so I thought I would throw this up for discussion. Is it possible we are going to be, if not already, mass vaccinated via those chemtrails that many deny even exist? I dread the thought, but fear this is very real. It gives me a sense of helplessness.

Well, this is about as dark as it gets but it needs to be said. As we’ve known all along, chemtrails are a multi-faceted program. It’s the ultimate delivery system. By poisoning our air it affects every living thing, much like chemically or biologically altering a pond in order to affect all the fish. With this massive program in place, even though they won’t even admit its obvious existence, anything can be loaded onto these air tankers at any time and sprayed onto unsuspecting humanity.

While the known metallic elements of nano sized aluminum, barium, strontium and a host of other toxic ingredients are accepted generally to be used for at least for massive weather modification programs, there are other even more nefarious elements that we’ve been ingesting over the years.

Hold on, this isn’t going to be pleasant and may give you a sense of dread and helplessness, but the fact that we are aware of these programs and are each way more than just the composite of our biological make up is where our true empowerment will always remain. As I’ve said many times before, their matrix is collapsing in its many levels of control and deceit, but it won’t go down without very violent and even cataclysmic death throes that will affect all of us.

Aerial Vaccinations

I had just finished studying the video someone sent me in the second section of this report and was about to post it, but I wanted to formulate something to introduce it as the information is so drastically creepy. I’ve known of this program for some time but as you’ll see, it’s an excellent, succinct scientifically sound short compilation and explanation.

I checked my inbox after taking a break and lo and behold, this next article was sent to me by someone else. No accident. We’ve known about this probability for some time but the timing was extremely synchronistic.


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 Lucy Barnable    5,365

In the early 90’s they were apparently experimenting with these fibers as people were finding them on their cars and draped on their flowers and plants. They’ve apparently engineered them into more sophisticated nano fibers which you saw in the above video. The striking reality presented there is that even those not showing the Morgellon’s symptoms are carrying these same life-altering fibers.

Morgellons Is A Patented Bioweapon – Insect DNA Ecdysone in Humans

This video establishes that MORGELLONS is indeed a FACT evidenced by the US Patent # 6,245,531 B1 as shown herein. Also shown & NAMED are THE VERY PERSONS to whom “this Patent” was awarded.




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 Lucy Barnable    5,365
26 minutes ago, BigRed said:

Thanks for the vid, I have added it to the article!

You're welcome. It's a good article. Morgellons is horrifying!
A lot of doctors still don't believe it's real even though it's patented.
They people with the symptoms have parasitosis delusional disorder.

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