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US Capitol on lockdown after reports of shots fired/ drill there this morning (AUDIO FROM A BATHROOM! WTF?)

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 Cinnamon    14,252

One person is in custody after gunshots reportedly were fired at the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center, according to The Associated Press. 

The Associated Press reports that one Capitol police officer also was shot, though not seriously. 

The U.S. Capitol complex remains on lockdown after reports of gunfire first surfaced Monday afternoon. 

Employees are being told to shelter in place, according to sources. 

The intercom says shots were fired at the visitors center. An internal message says U.S. Capitol Police are locking down the complex "due to a potential security threat." 

Those outside are being told to seek cover. 


I wonder what this is about! 

Here's CNN with a vid of talking heads:




Adding to the confusion, there was a safety drill this morning on Capitol Hill. This is not a drill.



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 Oregonian    221


the media and dc have been crying about all these "lone wolf" types here in america. maybe this is the start of them surfacing to fulfill an attack on the 2nd...

who knows

most likely white, to further push the racial card, nra affiliated, to attwck the second with even more stringent laws and most likely believed in a better US, trump supporter

go get em white house and media

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 Cinnamon    14,252

OMG! lol on the audio I heard someone's zipper and running water like in a sink and pulling paper towels out of a dispenser! WTF! is that about! :ohmy:

The sound is coming from a BATHROOM! not kidding! roars with laughter! And they're humming! hahahaha

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