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Worse than the 'N' word

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 roadtoad2    84




YES!`Mountain tribes in California dug their houses into the ground.
This is why they were called 'Diggers', which, 165 years ago, was a worse word than
the 'N' word in California.
The first Governor in California, in 1848, before California became a state, stated,
"We must rid ourselves of that wretched race"
And he didn't mean Blacks.

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 CSB    1,662
Just now, roadtoad2 said:

And he didn't mean Blacks.

Then who did he mean ??

Is there a link ?

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 Malevolent    1,950

Peter Burnett's legacy is largely mixed.


While regarded as one of the fathers of modern California in the state's early days, Burnett's openly racist attitudes towards Blacks, Chinese, and Native Americans have blackened his name today. Burnett's period in the Oregon Provisional Legislature helped facilitate the exclusion of Blacks from the state until 1926. One of his Oregon proposals was to force free Blacks to leave the state, and to institute floggings, every six months, of any who continued to remain.[10] Also, his open hostility to foreign laborers influenced a number of federal and state California legislators to push future xenophobic legislation, such as the Chinese Exclusion Act thirty years after his departure from the governorship. Burnett was also an open advocate of exterminating local California Indian tribes, a policy that continued with successive state governmental administrations for several decades, where the state offered US$25 to US$50 for evidence of dead Natives.[11] From Burnett's Second Annual Message to the Legislature, January 7, 1851:[12]

“That a war of extermination will continue to be waged between the two races until the Indian race becomes extinct, must be expected.”


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