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Sandy Hook Crime Saga Rolls On- Posner Gmail Linked To Major Hacking Incident, Police Notified

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 BigRed    150

None of the many other false flags and staged events we’ve witnessed over the years are being protected this intensely by the control system and that should be something for everyone to note.

In almost surreal fashion, Sandy Hook crisis actor and supposed parent Lenny Posner is in the news yet again. This time his email seems to be identified in an act of illegally hacking into the privately secured Google drive cloud storage account of “Independent Media Solidarity” (IMS). IMS is the group who produced the film ‘We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook‘, a must watch film revealing many details about the Sandy Hook story which suggest the event was staged. The account was illegally hacked by someone allowing someone using the email “lposner@gmail.com” to illegally access all the files in the cloud server. As reported at Memory hole blog, the files were discovered available at Posner’s Honr Network website. Gee, I wonder who that email could belong to?

For anyone who isn’t sure yet about what exactly is happening in this now bizarre and growing Sandy Hook saga, grab a seat and let’s review some things.

Let me introduce “Lenny Posner”, a person well known to Sandy Hook researchers. Posner isn’t your ordinary low profile crisis actor. Posner appears to be the most engaging and outwardly aggressive crisis actor of them all. Some may argue that Posner is increasingly becoming the police officer for the Sandy Hook “story”. Remember when that role belonged to Lieutenant Paul Vance? Over the past couple of years several individuals questioning Sandy Hook have reported odd experiences which seem to often trace back to Posner in one way or another. This latest hacking episode is just the latest example.

If you are still with me, let’s digress and look at the Sandy Hook story. The 2-dimensional version of the Sandy Hook story goes something like this:

Once upon a time a kid (“Adam Lanza”) blasted his way into a school packed with over 600 children, the super light feather weight kid carries a massive AK-47 into the building and within minutes with military precision executes 20 children and 6 adults before killing himself somehow. In this version of the story all the victims quickly die, so quickly that emergency workers were not needed. This can be seen by the aerial footage provided that day where emergency workers are ALL seen lounging around doing nothing. Emergency life saving protocols were apparently also not needed. Against all standard medical protocol and ethics the police took it upon themselves to secretly pronounce all of the victims dead. Meanwhile on the scene, information czar Lieutenant Paul Vance made sure all the “information” was carefully controlled (out of “respect for the victims families”), and carefully relayed “controlled” messages to the parents to make sure there would be no other versions of the story circulating. Later everyone would accept Vance’s carefully delivered version of reality. Funerals would be mostly conducted secretly and all the records of this event (including death certificates) would be hidden from the public, once again “out of respect for the victims families”. Anomalies would later be dealt with one by one 9/11 style by online trolls and harassers. This concludes the 2-dimensional version of the Sandy Hook story.

Now let’s consider the reality based version of the story.


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