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I'm calling all of us out!

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Me included! when is limited thinking going to end. we as an individual has tremendous power(let it be unknown). It seems we are not in control for a reason. This world is about war and destruction. we.. are opposite?  It's time we start rising!  - They're trying to divide - "even like minded people". what's net?

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 Cinnamon    24,809

I'm trying to take back my power by working locally to change my immediate surroundings.  It's the only way I know to do that.  Make sure to vote in local elections, grow food and help others to learn if they don't know how.  Just having something like a garden in common with your neighbors can make your neighborhood safer and it gets people out of the house and away from computer and tv screens. Everyone is healthier when they eat seasonally and can control how their food is produced. 

  Learn how to do as many things as you can that keeps you from buying unhealthy products from big conglomerates.  Trying to control anything that comes out of D.C. is like wrestling with a honey badger, they're vicious and too far away, but by getting local politicians under the control of the people, you can find a tremendous amount of power that way.  Take time every day to quiet your mind and relax your body, exercise to improve mental and physical health.  

We might not be able to stop them from doing what they do everywhere, but we can make a difference in our own back yards. Politicians that might run into you on the street are more likely to behave themselves if they know the people are going to hold them accountable.  Agenda 21, NDAA and other federal acts can be thwarted by local governments by passing resolutions or rules and regs. that let the Feds know that they are not going to comply and want no part of these things. It's happened a lot with the Patriot Act. 

Learn how to take care of minor illnesses and wounds so you don't have to be reliant on doctors and the health care system for every single thing that goes wrong with your body.

 Stop participating in programs that puts you into databases whenever you can.  

None of these things will stop wars waged in other countries, but they will stop a lot of the personal war that is being waged on us as individuals. 

I don't know if this is the kind of reply you were looking for, I might be way off base. 

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 Lucy Barnable    5,365

Sometimes I think (I know) we're doing more than we think we are.
There's a reason we meet certain people at certain times even if we don't understand or recognize it then.
Occasionally someone long gone will pop into my mind and I'll be reminded of... something. That something is important.
I hope (I know) others have that same occurrence. We are all connected (some more closely than others).
Coming together is what we're doing here. Letting each other know we're not alone in our way.
Anyway... stand strong and Happy Easter all!

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 Groove    2,078
16 hours ago, FalkeAuge said:

Here's a plan, someone should send it to the new POTUS = https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CenXNdEWQAA5TCK.jpg

That's an excellent plan and really what should be happening now. Think about it. The majority of these so called immigrants are of fighting age. Why the hell are they not fighting for their country. Oh wait the elite want them out of their country so they can take out Assad and destroy sovern nations. 

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