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This don't sound Good US Economy Is Projected

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 CSB    1,664

Warning: The US Economy Is Projected To Crash In The Next 2-3 Months: Jeff Nielson

Posted; March 26 2016


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 thedudeabides    2,017

I no joke. Predicted this in 2011. Economic collapse spring 2016. Civil collapse fall 2016 in U.S. Martial Law Nov-dec. World war Spring 2017. Dirty bombs along coast in major cities. Crack special forces activate from within illegal immigrants population. They target all infrastructure. Troops sent to war. Martial law declared again (summer 2017 ). Mass confiscation of civillian arms via federal agencies. Fall 2017 treaty and peace, world unites as one.

I expect food will be the means of confiscation. Trade in for rations.


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