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US man’s bank payment denied because of his dog’s 'terrorist' name

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 Cinnamon    24,901

Sometimes terrorists move on all fours. That’s what Chase Bank apparently decided when it wouldn’t clear a payment for a disabled man’s dog walker. It was the dog’s name that led to the payment being bounced and the Treasury Department being involved.

The nine-year-old service pitbull mongrel acts as a companion and friend to Bruce Francis of San Francisco, who has a rare form of MS and gets around by wheelchair.

According to Fox, Francis was doing his routine payment to his dog walker earlier in March, by using his online account with Chase Bank. He had filled in his dog’s name into the memo line of the form. But the dog walker told Francis he hadn’t got the check.

The owner logged into his account to investigate, and found the following message: “Please explain what Dash means.”

Yes – that is one of the most common names a dog could have in an English-speaking country. But if that’s the case with your dog, just think of something else when you fill in that form, preferably something that doesn’t sound like 'Daesh' – the Arabic name for Islamic State (IS/ISIS, formerly ISIL).


Can this get anymore ABSURD!?  The governments around the world totally ignore intelligence from their own info sharing partners regarding terrorists yet Chase Bank flags a memo on a check! Stupid!  :bricks:

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 YourMom2    1,354

All your checks are belong to us.

The banks shouldn't be reading memos written on checks. However, since most banks no longer return the physical check to the account holder, why write a memo to yourself that you're not going to retrieve?

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 Oregonian    446

i remember reading about a year ago how banks question you over withdrawls or deposits over a specific amount......

this weekend i was opening a new bank account at a different bank. so i strolled into my usbank. filled out a withdrawl slip to the mediocre sum of 2318.64 and the blonde manatee behind the counter was all like "why do you need this much money?"

lol because its mine you facking snitch

i bullshitted her and said "repaying a loan. have a happy day"

i remember reading if you take out over like 9 grand you could get a knock on your door if youre gonna get your kid a car, buy a used boat or whatever...not kidding.

must be afraid of people pulling their money, snitches report us, bankers need answers 

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