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9/11 Article My Uncle Sent Me

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 Flat    211

Keep fighting the good fight, fellow conspiracy theorists! Plant little seeds of questioning in the minds of the people you meet. You never know how they'll grow!

I just got an amazing email from my uncle. Several years ago he visited the states from France. We chatted a bit in a car ride tour around dog-patch Iowa. I couldn't keep silent about 9/11 and he questioned me almost to the point of ridicule. The man is incredibly smart, extremely well read, and insanely logical. He "fled" the U.S. to France to be rid of what he perceived as an unjust and failing socio-economic situation. We disagree on many things, economic policy above most, but I respect very few people more than him.

And look what he just sent me! This article is amazing and very well cited.

Have a read: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article44477.htm

A choice quote for enticement, "Although the FBI had all of the necessary resources to do its work, it was hamstrung by the official story and thus, was unable to pursue leads that would have led to the truth. The idea of a demolition was so far out of bounds as to be unthinkable. This no doubt also explains why the FBI declassified the fifth Israeli’s eyewitness account. The FBI censor evidently failed to comprehend the significance of the man’s testimony, pointing to the use of explosives."

I responded with a question of where he sits on this issue's fence. Can't wait for the reply.

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 Malevolent    2,492

Siegel’s audio-video tape is almost as shocking on replay as the events of that day. The slightly muffled but nonetheless unmistakable sounds of huge multiple blasts carried quite well for more than two miles across the open water of the Hudson River. Siegel’s audio record is yet more corroborating evidence refuting the fiction that has pervaded the US media ever since: that plane impacts and fires brought down the twin towers. No way, we were deceived. The official story about 9/11 is probably the most monstrous lie ever perpetrated upon the American people.


Will the world ever know (and embrace) the real truth of that horrible day?  I do not think so.  Many sheeple will not know or accept the truth if it hit them slap-bang in the face.

Just one simple observation of the NYSE two weeks before and after the event should already tell that someone somewhere knew and used the Intel to better him/her-self based on the tragedy of others. 

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

― Adolf Hitler


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