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Liberal Piers Morgan Calls Obama Twinkle-Toes and U.S. Marine Goes Off On Obama (Video)

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 BigRed    150

These optics are appalling. Brussels is having its 9/11, and Obama is still in South America . Wednesday night he tangoed. It even appeared he had taken lessons. Just take a look..

Wow. Mark the date on your calendar! Who would have EVER thought that Piers Morgan would write an editorial that is 100% accurate! That just goes to show you that all hope is not completely lost! In the first video below, I break down some of the recent developments in the Brussels attack and comments made by Piers Morgan and others. 

In the second video at the end of the op-ed by Morgan, hear what former U.S. Marine Manny E. Vega had to say to Barack Obama via a bullhorn (literally)! Even though the video isn’t as recent as the Brussels attack, every word Vega shouts in his epic rant is as applicable today as the day he shouted them. In the video, U.S. Marine Manny E. Vega decided to pay a trip to the White House just before dawn, and exercise his “constitutionally guaranteed rights of speech and assembly.” In order to test these rights, he took a bullhorn and started tearing Obama apart:

“Mr. President, The American people have had ENOUGH of you!”

“Tomorrow morning, just wake up and announce to the American people, that you will be stepping down… to go golfing…”

“Time to resign Mr. President! Call Fox News! Call Ed Henry! Resign!”

The video is priceless!  See here at:


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 YourMom2    1,251

Shouldn't he have done the tango with Michael?

Where's the rose in the teeth? Our tax dollars should afford better entertainment than this.

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Mario Stalin   
Mario Stalin
3 hours ago, BigRed said:

A real classy lot..

classy let me show you classy


Edited by Mario Stalin

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