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Felony charge dropped for man after passing out jury rights fliers

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 Cinnamon    14,263

MECOSTA COUNTY, Mich. – A felony charge for obstruction of justice was dropped Wednesday against a Mecosta man who passed out 'jury rights' pamphlets outside the Mecosta County Courthouse in November.

However, a pretrial will be set to continue with his misdemeanor charge for jury tampering.

Keith Wood, 39, faced the five-year felony for obstruction of justice, as well as the one-year misdemeanor charge of jury tampering after passing out about 50 jury rights pamphlets on the sidewalk in front of the Mecosta County courthouse.

Wood’s Attorney David Kallman was shocked at the charges he called “outrageous” and an attack on free speech. Wood’s story caused an uproar nationwide after he was arrested last Nov. 24, using his credit card to post bond set at $150,000.

Kallman said this case remains a civil rights violation of free speech.

"This is a free speech case absolutely because you heard the judge at the end say, ‘I’m taking that under advisement, I’m not ruling,’ because she wants to hear facts," said Kallman.

"Absolutely we’ll be pursuing the free speech arguments and everything you heard; there’s no illegal activity here."

As FOX 17 has reported, the Fully Informed Jury Association authored the pamphlets, which write it is a juror's right to vote their conscience. Also known as 'jury nullification', it's a controversial subject some believe is a juror's right according to jury instructions, while others believe it's unconstitutional.


Jury tampering?  They are not supposed to know their rights as jurors. I just watched that video where a cop accosted some people riding bikes and his attitude was condescending toward them just because they knew their rights and the code number for what he was trying to say they were not allowed to do, but they were. I've seen lots of videos where cops etc had to back off because they were outright lying to people who knew their rights and pwnd them.  

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