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Scientists: Genes Determine Intelligence

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 rbear    240

Many entire states haven't figured this out, and probably most of the US states. Then again, many of the people haven't figured this out either. I choose to research first before usually ever doing anything, if only more people did these things. We wouldn't have the dindo's mixing with the opposite races and promoting no innovation as if you been listening to the recordings (search through them) of the African race/etc, you will learn more than most people ever will on the tribe. Anyhow, can be friends, but not supposed to x with them/etc. But these days you have the half white/half black guys and girls so which direction do you think they often choose? The white side, I work with one and a white girl coworker also is w/ him and another but girl has kids with a white guy. Unless these blood lines always stay white after this, after 4 generations there is no more ability to procreate. Same as would have been if black/white/then black would have to stay, or gene pool would be so polluted it would exonerate itself. Recording on this are on this site and here if you search throught the archives. 

moving on..

Scientists: Genes Determine Intelligence

Yet another scientific study—this time in Australia—has proven that intelligence is genetic and has nothing to do with environment, confirming that the liberal worldview of “human equality” is built on a deliberate lie.

The new study found that math and reading skills are at least 75 percent genetic, writing skills are 50 percent genetic, and the school environment only contributes less than 5 percent of any person’s abilities.

As reported by Australia’s public broadcaster, SBS (Special Broadcasting Service), the new research has definitively shown that “genes are more important in explaining differences in academic performance than teachers and schools.”

The study was based on wide-ranging research into the academic performance of twins mapped out in the Australian Department of Education’s National Assessment Program—Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests.

NAPLAN is made up of tests in the four areas (or ‘domains’) of reading, writing, language conventions (spelling, grammar, and punctuation), and numeracy, and is run at the direction of Australia’s Education Council.



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