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Vd0) Five Guns v Five-Hundred Men: Israel Demonstrates the Effectiveness of a Weaponized Border

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 rbear    240

My gosh guys, these things I have posted on this forum are seriously like a book. Heck might as well say it is one with videos and pics/etc and continuing... Anyhow, todays videos have had me feeling like a producer or something, feeling kind of wow in myself even. Anyhow, I hope you all follow God and read the bible. I find it awesome to hear the free audio version read by Alexander Scourbie avalable online in many places (try search engine). The Old/New Testament is only 72 hours long, to learn a lifetime of things/awareness/growth/salvation/etc.  Anyhow, to the 1% here, the rest of the world needs to see this stuff too. 

The Jews who control our media, academic establishments and governments are constantly telling us that it is literally impossible to protect our borders. (<<---not all but)

Mule of the Jews Merkel has gone so far now as to try and get Turkey to “stop the flow” of “refugees” into Europe, saying that it is actually physically impossible to stop people from entering.

And yet, if we look at Israel, they are doing a very good job protecting their own border with a combination of walls and machine guns.

And then of course, if any “infiltrators” (as they call them) make it into Israel, they lock them in concentration camps until they can be deported.

Meanwhile, virtually all Jews in America and Europe (and Australia, etc.) are calling for unlimited non-White immigration. They are not only lying and saying it is literally impossible to keep these people out, they are actively facilitating policies which bring this about.


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Team Uzi   
Team Uzi

The Chosenites,

once again are calling the shots (literally)

and it's high time to call out who's who.

Only days ago, people started calling out

Caterpillar (an industrial machine manufacturer), saying they are responsible

for the leveling and destruction of Palestinians

homes and businesses. Blame the machine?

Blame the Chosenites who purchased them


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