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(vdo) African Immigrant Rapes 15 French Women to Stop Their Racism

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 rbear    240

The video and whole thing is embedded in this link (click play), it is astonishing. So now we have the Africans and the Muslims doing the same thing. Video is a liveleak from a court

Also see: 

Moslem Killer in Germany: “I Killed Him Because He was an Unbeliever”

& other post I have done (topix) search Rbear.

basically Jews pushing moslims and Africans on us.

Oh yeah and Drake, yeah the Rap guy, I watched the Jews take them off Degrassi and put them with Drake so that he would sound like him (practice) and promotion. Also they said that they want this to be the next sensation for all the girls to want, to promote culture and male/female say bf/gf/wife/wtv, sex yeah...


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