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Andrew Basiago’s Presidential Platform: 100 Proposals – Part 1/2

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 BigRed    150

I think this guy Andy is on the money. He is what America needs, not the bluff and bluster candidates the voters are idolizing. Fingers crossed the masses can wake up in time. Can you imagine a new America with Andy at the helm?

Andrew Basiago time travelled for DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) when a young boy. He travelled by jump room to Mars, on one occasion seeing Barack Obama there.

Of Andrew, Alfred Weber says:

“Unlike previous US Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama, all of whom were also identified as future presidents by Project Pegasus and briefed on their destinies but who then concealed their prior knowledge for political gain, [Andrew] has made a conscious moral decision to make it publicly known that the U.S. government has used secret time travel technology to identify him as a future President.” (1)

Having thrown his hat into the Presidential ring, he presents his political platform, 100 Proposals.



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