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Minnesota lakes and streams littered with unregulated chemicals

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 Malevolent    1,973


One of the things that really irk me is this "easy" way in which some companies dispose of their waste.  Yet, governments around the world are paying lip-service to freeking global warming and all sorts of sh!t instead of finding the real criminals - those who are killing people by negligence or plain arrogance.  When humans screw-up nature I get really pissed!





(EnviroNews World News) — A new study conducted by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) has found that rivers, lakes and streams around the state are littered with unregulated chemicals. The substances detected include myriad hormone disrupting chemicals — mostly from pharmaceutical drugs and personal care products. By and large, the recent study reconfirmed what was already known about Minnesota’s waterways from studies past — though researchers did find some new toxic culprits in their samples this time around. Most noteworthy in that lineup was newcomer diabetes drug Metformin. Mark Ferry, the offer of the study also stated on local NBC KARE11 News, “We did find DEET and we did find Iopamidol this Xray contrast agent…” DEET of course has been known to impeded brain and nervous system function in addition to causing other health effects, and humans apply and wash off small lakes of that pesticide themselves every year. In this most recent analysis, MPCA tested 11 lakes and four rivers across the state and found residuals of dozens of chemicals in samples taken. The study did uncover one very eyebrow-raising number. When testing samples of water both upstream and downstream from wastewater treatment plants, MPCA found that there were 56 chemicals downstream from the facilities with only 33 being found upstream from the waste treatment centers — a stat that leads one to wonder if Minnesotans need to more closely examine the way they are dealing with human waste and excrement. - http://environews.tv/world-news/study-shows-minnesota-rivers-and-lakes-littered-with-chemicals-pharmaceutical-drugs/


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 CSB    1,665

You will most likely need to sign into YouTube to view this video . The content is a sad view of our toxic world .



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