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Thousands of religious prisoners in China had their livers, kidneys and corneas ripped out while they were ALIVE to sell to 'transplant tou

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 BigRed    150

Tens of thousands of people have been killed in China so their organs can be sold to 'transplant tourists', claims documentary

Those allegedly killed belonged to repressed Falun Gong spiritual practice

Rumours surfaced in 2006 and investigators claim evidence is 'very strong'

Film offers first full examination into why allegations aren't taken seriously 

By Imogen Calderwood For Mailonline


China harvested livers, kidneys, corneas and even hearts from tens of thousands religious prisoners while they were still alive and the world is paying no attention, according to a new documentary.

Rumors of the live organ trade in China first surfaced in 2006, and have been supported by human rights lawyers, witnesses and even surgeons who admit having performed the operations.

But claims that supporters of the Falun Gong faith are having their organs sold to wealthy transplant tourists from all over the world are still not taken seriously.

The documentary, Hard to Believe, offers the first sustained examination into why the world is so willing to turn a blind eye to 'one of the most catastrophic human rights violations in our time'. 

Scroll down for video 

Persecuted: Rumours of the slaughter of Falun Gong supporters so that their organs can be harvested first emerged in 2006, but despite what investigators insist is 'very strong evidence', the claims have never been officially investigated. Pictured, a group of protesters stage a performance 

Thousands of organs are being harvested from Falun Gong followers in China, it is claimed. Members of the group are shown mocking up an operation as part of a 2014 protest

'What drew me to the story was that the evidence was so strong and yet it's hardly talked about,' director Ken Stone told MailOnline. 'What we did was explore why the reports and documentaries have gotten so little attention.

What drew me to the story was that the evidence was so strong and yet it's hardly talked about.

Director Ken Stone 

'A number of people have come up with such strong evidence, but they are consistently ignored.'

The spiritual Falun Gong sect began in the 1990s and within seven years an estimated 100million people had joined the practice.

But the Chinese regime launched an aggressive crackdown on the sect in 1999, fearful of such a large group of people unified in their faith.

On July 20 1999, security forces abducted and detained thousands of people who had been identified as Falun Gong leaders. It was the start of a brutal and systematic campaign to eradicate the sect through a combination of propaganda, imprisonment and thought reform that often resulted in the death of the prisoner.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3257383/Thousands-religious-prisoners-China-livers-kidneys-corneas-ripped-ALIVE-sell-transplant-tourists-claims-new-film.html#ixzz43d3elHJq

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 Brio    1,038

That's brutal but the Chinese always have been. Tibetans for ie. I'm not sure what can be don about it, nobody gets into China they don't want there.

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Is there any limit to human depravity? Would some US doctors do it for the right money? I suspect so. I resent hearing that someone acts "like an animal." Animals everywhere should be offended by such an unfair comparison. They follow their instincts. Humans allow themselves to sink lower than a snake's belly. I apologize to snakes and their bellies.


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