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Obama Plotting For King of the World; Means Indictment Likely For Hillary

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 BigRed    150

Just how many illegal activities has Hilary actually been involved in...

I have long held the position that it’s quite possible Barack Obama Has No Intention of Leaving Office, and We’ve Actually Been Witnessing His Third Term Unfolding Right Before Us. The basis for such a wild accusation is that allegedly it was Valerie Jarrett who leaked all the information to the press about Hillary Clinton’s private server, which has landed Hillary in the position she’s in… a hair away from a federal indictment. It is well established that Barack Obama is arguably the most politically calculating President of our time, and perhaps of all time, which means that for Obama to purposely leak that information about Hillary, he was willing to risk his entire presidency on her escaping indictment? Why leak the information at all then? Something about all that makes absolutely zero sense. 

Even though many Bernie fans don’t seem to realize it, Bernie isn’t winning the White House. I know that, and Obama knows that. So, by sinking Hillary (or coming damn close to it), Obama was willing to risk a GOP President just waltzing into the White House, and on day one nullifying all his executive orders? Really? Then, assuming the GOP holds both the House and the Senate, which it’s likely to do, hours after Congress reconvenes, Obama would be perfectly ok with his signature Obamacare being repealed? Seriously? Have you EVER known Obama to be a gracious loser? EVER?

Read more: http://right.is/politics/2016/03/obama-plotting-for-king-of-the-world-means-indictment-likely-for-hillary-55658.html


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