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Warning: The Establishment Is Preparing For Martial Law and Civil War (Videos)

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 BigRed    150

In the following video, Alex Jones breaks down on a macro level what so many of us have known was coming for so many years, but it’s only recently that events are no longer as abstract and theoretical as they once were… in fact many of the geopolitical events unfolding before us today fit together like perfect pieces of a puzzle.

What’s scary, is how well the media has conditioned people to ignore the truth, even if it’s the size of Mt. Everest and it’s right in front of them, simply because what they might be hearing doesn’t fit the narrative the elites are spinning. To anyone with even the slightest bit of knowledge surrounding the plans of the global elites (The Illuminati or the Bilderberg Group, whatever you prefer to call them), what Alex Jones reveals in the video below is hardly the work of a PhD program or years of study. Events unfolding both in Europe and here at home couldn’t possibly be more obvious to the naked eye than if the actors themselves were announcing each individual move with a bullhorn.


As I mentioned above, many of us have be warning of the days that are unfolding right now for many years. On the matter of how the events we’ve been planning for are no longer abstract, but real, Dave Hodges says the following:

“In the business of uncovering both present and coming events, in an effort to warn the public so they can prepare accordingly, we often uncover material that is nefarious, but we are often unsure as to how an event could fit into an entire paradigm. Along these lines, I recall what Steve Quayle once said as a guest on my show “We are no longer talking about what is coming, what is coming is already here.” In the light of unfolding events, based on their connections to past events, a clear and distinguishable picture is emerging.”

“We are no longer talking about what is coming, what is coming is already here“.

No truer words were ever spoken.

Before we go any further, let’s skip to the end and tell you how this story is going to end, and then fill in the details. The American society you wake up in today, is on life support, and drawing its final breaths. Between now and November, short of divine intervention, expect the largest civil uprising in U.S. history, which will lead to Martial Law, which will lead to Obama postponing the Presidential election. 

Read more here: http://right.is/politics/2016/03/warning-the-establishment-is-preparing-for-martial-law-and-civil-war-videos-55651.html

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In the following video Alex Jones plays on your fear to keep you tuned in. Saved ya a long read and video.

You're welcome.

Listen, the "Establishment" is always ready for martial law and war and blah blah, but the fact is no one is pushing the button til they make their immortal robot forms which are actually suicide machines.

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